The MailMarshal Email Content Manager from M86 Security takes an interesting approach to email content management. This product can be installed directly on the Microsoft Exchange email server and act as a hub transport for mail. This method of deployment allows for direct integration with Exchange and the existing environment, and provides full visibility in scanning email for viruses and other threats, as well as maintaining compliance with email policy.

We found installation to be simple and straightforward. Assuming the rest of the environment already has a solid Microsoft Exchange/Active Directory configuration in place, there is not much that needs to be added as far as prerequisites go. The tool does require an SQL server backend, but if one is not present at installation, MailMarshal will install Microsoft SQL Express as part of the process.

Once installed, all management and configuration is done via the management interface on the server. We found this interface to have a very intuitive layout with many easy-to-follow configuration options. There is also a web-based configuration console that can be accessed from any machine on the network.

Documentation included a full PDF administrator guide. This covers the product from installation all the way through advanced configuration. We found it to be well-organized with easy-to-follow instructions and many screen shots and examples.

M86 provides customers with current licenses the ability to access an online knowledge base and support area with quite a few resources. Customers can purchase additional support through an agreement, which includes access to phone and email technical support, as well as other assistance options.

At a price starting around $45 per user per year, this product can become expensive for some environments. We find MailMarshal to be an average value for the money based on its ongoing cost and considering its seamless integration capability and flexible policy configuration.