NetDetector/NetVCR is a hardware appliance used to monitor a network and capture and warehouse network traffic. It complements other existing network security tools - such as firewalls, intrusion detection/prevention systems and switches/routers - in order to help provide comprehensive defense of hosted intellectual property, mission-critical network services and infrastructure.

Setup is straightforward, as long as you have the information that you need (host name, domain name, default router, IP address, and more). The directions were clear and easy to understand, whether it be through the shortened setup manual or through the detailed user guide. As a result, we had the NetDetector up and running in less than an hour. No software installation was needed since everything was run from the hardware device.

The solution runs primarily from a browser-based graphic user interface. It performed extremely well and ran quickly and smoothly. A lot of the content is generated using the Flash multimedia platform, so it would be difficult to use if Flash was not installed on your computer. It can detect network data down to the millisecond ╨ making the generated data precise and accurate. It also allows users to go from a millisecond up to a broad daily view so that daily summarized data is usable for analysis.

The documentation was excellent. It covers every aspect of the device, with additional screen shots for reference. The getting-started guide is straightforward on how to easily use the device, and the appliance user guide details all of the comprehensive technical features included with NetDetector.

If the documentation is not sufficient for your needs, customer support makes up for it. We had a very pleasant experience, especially since we spoke directly with the Niksun developers and technical specialists, not customer service personnel. These folks do not hesitate in providing their personal cell phone numbers for a one-on-one help session.

Based on the provided information, basic no-cost support is offered with the appliance. However, support also includes standard and premium levels. The standard level includes all upgrades free, as well as major customer support by telephone, email and return material authorization (RMA). The premium level includes all upgrades free, as well as major customer support by telephone, email and so forth, with onsite, next-day RMA, hot spares and more The fees are variable depending on the product offering and enterprise license.