NNT Change Tracker Enterprise from New Net Technologies offers a full suite of change management, file integrity, monitoring and policy management tools for network devices, including firewalls and systems, throughout the network environment. Administrators can use this tool to not only manage changes to devices, but also audit the network for vulnerabilities and policy compliance. Administrators also can see deep into changes made across the environment, including who made the change and when, even if the change happened between scheduled reports. This provides a great benefit over simply comparing the data between the reports as changes can be missed or overlooked.

We found setup and deployment of this product to be quite straightforward. The initial setup is done by running a set of executables to install the various components. After installation is complete, all management is done via a management console, which we found to be easy and comfortable to navigate through. The management console features an easy-to-follow tab-top navigation structure that is well-organized and we had no trouble becoming accustomed to browsing around and configuring the product. Another nice feature that added to the experience was the ability to scan the network and automatically add devices from the scan directly, making the initial setup piece almost effortless.

Change Tracker Enterprise also comes loaded with many standard compliance templates for regulatory requirements, including PCI DSS and ISO27000, among others. However, administrators also can make custom templates that meet specific needs of the environment or organization. Overall, this product has some very useful features and functions packed into an easy-to-use application.

Documentation with the tool included full administrator guides for both Windows- and Linux-based installations. We found both to be easy to follow and to include many screen shots, step-by-step instructions and configuration examples. We also found the guides to include an excellent amount of detail and in-depth explanations on how to install, configure and use the product's features and functions.

New Net Technologies offers general help to customers at no cost, but to get full support customers must purchase a contract. Support options available as paid include both eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week and 24/7 levels, which give customers access to both phone- and email-based technical assistance. Also available to customers is an online aid area that includes a knowledge base along with product downloads, documentation and other support resources.

At an out-the-door price of $2,200 for the software, we find this product is an excellent value for the money. Change Tracker Enterprise offers many great features and functions - ranging from overall change management and file integrity monitoring through full compliance and policy management across a wide number of network devices and systems.