If James Bond had encryption software he would have the DriveCrypt Plus Pack. This software includes many more features than the other products in this category. Are they all useful to the typical corporate road warrior? Probably not, but they are all cool and definitely have some merit.

First, DriveCrypt allows users to hide the cryptographic key file using steganography. Where the other packages used standard password or key-encrypted key files, DriveCrypt gives you the option to hide the key inside of any music or graphic file. This makes it much more difficult to detect where the key file actually resides.

Besides hiding the cryptographic key file using steganography, DriveCrypt also gives you the option to create a real OS inside of a fake OS. This gives you increased protection in the event that your laptop or notebook is ever stolen, because the thief may never known where the true OS is and where the real data is as well.

Also, DriveCrypt gives the boot a time option to have the system display a message which reads, "Hard Drive failure," as if the system cannot find the primary hard drive. If the user types the correct pass-phrase at this screen, the true or fake OS will boot.

Installation of DriveCrypt was as easy as possible considering the advanced options available. The installation was straightforward and the installation guide was helpful enough to explain the process to anyone familiar with computer security.

At one hour 40 minutes, DriveCrypt was among the fastest at the time it took to encrypt the entire 60 GB hard drive. Once the system was running, Performance Test did not detect any performance degradation.

While DriveCrypt is in the middle of the pack for the cost of whole disk encryption software, the added features make it an attractive piece of software. We rate DriveCrypt Plus Pack Recommended for its ease of use and performance.

DriveCrypt Plus Pack has been rated Recommended by SC Magazine.