The InterScan Messaging Security virtual appliance from Trend Micro provides a hybrid email security and content management platform with integration alongside of cloud-based email filtering. With this combination in place, the appliance and the cloud work together to manage spam, contain and quarantine viruses and phishing emails, and provide flexible content management controls.

This appliance basically deploys itself in a VMware ESX environment. Once the VMware OVF template is deployed, the virtual appliance runs through a short installation. At completion of the installation, it can be configured locally or through a web GUI by running through a short wizard. Once the wizard is complete, all other configuration and management is done through the appliance's web GUI.

We found the GUI to be aesthetically quite simple to use, functional and loaded with easy-to-use configuration controls. Policies can be easily created using an assortment of prebuilt compliance templates already included with the appliance, or configured from the ground up depending on the needs of the environment. We found policies were simple to configure.

Documentation included installation and full administrator guides. The installation guide provided a good amount of configuration information on getting the virtual appliance deployed with an initial configuration.
Trend Micro offers a multitude of no-cost and fee-based support options. Customers with valid licenses get access to no-cost phone and email technical assistance, as well as access to product updates and upgrades and a vast online help area on the website.

At a price of about $15 per user for an environment of 5,000 users, this product is not low cost by any means, but it does provide a solid set of features, high policy flexibility and a full hybrid appliance/cloud-based deployment. We find this product to be a good value for the money.