WebDefend from Trustwave offers up some excellent features beyond strictly being a firewall. This product includes a lot of dynamic functionality, including an automated behavioral analysis engine that can minimize the necessary time needed for configuration. This appliance will also monitor outgoing traffic to ensure protection from data leakage and theft.

We found deployment to be a fairly straightforward process, but it did include many steps. The majority of the configuration was designed to make sure our environment met the recommended setting for deployment. After the appliance was set in motion, we found the rest of the configuration to be easy and intuitive. All administration is done through a management application, and we found the interface of the app to be easy to navigate with a clean and organized look.

The strong point of this appliance is its ability to go beyond just blocking attacks. This product can do virtual patching of web applications to ensure protection, even if the application has not been formally fixed. This tool also provides a real-time look into applications to identify potential problems and trends.

Documentation includes a getting-started manual and a user guide. The former provides in-depth detail of deployment options, recommended scenarios and initial installation instructions. The user guide offers detailed instructions on how to configure and use the product features and contains many screen shots and examples in a clear and organized format.

Trustwave offers standard, eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week and premium 24/7 support as part of an annual maintenance agreement. This phone- and email-based technical support, as well as access to an online portal. 

At a price just under $10,000, we find this product to be an excellent value for the money. The Trustwave WebDefend appliance provides solid protection with many advanced features at a reasonable price.