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Phishing or Ransomware? Experts dispute which is biggest cyber-threat

Cyber-security executives and business decision makers question whether phishing emails or ransomware attacks are the most potent threats faced, but are businesses equipped to implement all-round risk mitigation strategies?

ICLoader PUA downloader adds malware to its list of deliverable product

A campaign pushing the potentially unwanted app downloader ICLoader was found also to be dropping malware in addition to its traditional advertising and useless software.

Davidson County (N.C.) back online following a ransomware attack

Davidson County's computer network is once again fully operational one month after getting hit with a ransomware attack that affected the majority of the municipalities servers and computers.

Proof-of-concept ransomware attack transforms robots into extortionists

Researchers from IOActive have developed a proof-of-concept attack that turns ordinarily benevolent robots into malicious, money-grubbing automatons who demand bitcoin as a ransom payment.

GandCrab creators tweak ransomware, release v. 2.0

The developers behind GandCrab have followed up on their promise and released version 2.0 of the ransomware, one that cannot be defeated by the free GandCrab 1.0 decryptor created by Bitdefender.

If ransom paid in Bitcoin Cash don't expect to get files back

A new ransomware attack called Thanatos demands payment in Bitcoin Cash, which contains a decryption bug that makes it impossible for attack victims to recover stolen files, reports security researcher Malware HunterTeam.

Rig EK all but disappears, usage down 96 percent

The Rig exploit kit, once used almost exclusively to deliver ransomware, is now not only not delivering that ransomware but has seen a 96 percent reduction in overall usage.

Colorado DOT, Allentown, Pa. in recovery mode after costly cyberattacks

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and the city of Allentown, Pa., are in the process of digging themselves out from two separate cyberattacks that hit in the last few weeks.

U.K. government publicly blames Russia for NotPetya attacks

The U.K. government publicly accused Russia of carrying out the June 2017 NotPetya ransomware attacks in June 2017 as part of a deliberate attack on the Ukraine state.

Cryakl ransomware keys made public

The Belgian Federal Police are releasing free decryption keys for Cryakl ransomware and have become a partner with the No More Ransom Project.

Ransomware attack on Sacramento Bee database exposes voter records of 19.5M Californians

The paper refused to pay the hackers' demand for a bitcoin ransom and is notifying subscribers whose information - including names, dates of births, phone numbers, and political affiliations - was affected.

Researchers uncover Russian dark web ad for new GandCrab ransomware-as-a-service

Researchers investigating the newly discovered GandCrab ransomware have learned how its authors are marketing the malicious program as a ransomware-as-a-service package to potential buyers on the dark web.

Scarabey ransomware introduces new tactics, distribution

The malicious actors behind the Scarab ransomware have rolled out a new variant, one that uses a different distribution method and ransom threat in order to infect computers and ensure payment.

Cryptominers and malspam up while zero days and ransomware decline

Malicious actors kept busy late last year adding new weapons to their arsenal while placing others on the backburner as they attempted to profit from new honey holes like cryptocurrency mining and boosting the amount of old favorites like malspam.

RIG and GrandSoft exploit kits shell out new GandCrab ransomware

Breaking from typical ransomware distribution tactics, the attackers behind the new malicious cryptor GandCrab are relying on a pair of exploit kits - RIG EK and GrandSoft EK - to infect unwitting victims.

Spartanburg, S.C., library system hit with ransomware attack

The Spartanburg, S.C., Public Library system was shut down after it was hit with a ransomware attack.

Report: Number of cyber incidents doubled in 2017, yet 93 percent could easily have been prevented

Out of nearly 160,000 reported cyber incidents affecting businesses in 2017, 93 percent could have been prevented by following basic security measures such as regularly updating software, blocking fake email messages, using email authentication, and training employees, a new report claims.

Researchers trace BitPaymer ransomware back to Dridex developers

A relatively new ransomware that infected Scottish hospitals last summer appears to be created by the same developers who are responsible for the dreaded Dridex banking trojan.

NotPetya attack totally destroyed Maersk's computer network: Chairman

Shipping giant and NotPetya victim Maersk was forced to replace tens of thousands of servers and computers in the aftermath of the June 17 ransomware attack, the company's charman said in Davos at the World Economic Forum.

Crooks fabricate SpriteCoin cryptocurrency as lure to download ransomware

Heard of the hot new cryptocurrency SpriteCoin? No? That's because it's a fictional fairy tale cooked up by cybercrooks as a ruse to infect wannabe investors with a particularly devilish ransomware program.

Separate ransomware attacks strike New Mexico city, Indiana health care provider

A New Mexican city of roughly 45,000 people and an Indianan hospital operator have fallen victim to separate ransomware attacks this month. In other localized news, a data breach at a third-party educational testing service exposed information belonging to 52 students in New York State.

Belle Fourche (S.D.) city hall hit with ransomware

The small city of Belle Fourche, S.D. was hit with a ransomware attack late last week with the malware encrypting at least some files and demanding a ransom.

North Carolina introduces data breach legislation, after incidents rise in 2017

More than 5.3 million residents of North Carolina were victims of data breaches in 2017 - an escalating trend that has prompted state Attorney General Josh Stein (D) and state Rep. Jason Saine (R) to introduce newly proposed legislation to prevent further incidents and protect the public.

Cybercriminals favored non-malware attacks in 2017: Report

Non-malware-based cyberattacks were behind the majority of cyber incidents reported in 2017, despite proliferation of malware available to both the professional and amateur hacker.