Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

Four arrested in India for leaking HBO's Game of Thrones episode

Four Indian men were arrested for releasing an episode of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones days before its scheduled appearance, but the incident is apparently not related to that network's hack that has seen a cybergang releasing various pieces HBO content over the last several weeks.

Ukrainian man helps spread NotPetya to help others avoid paying taxes

Ukrainian police arrested a man earlier this month for helping spread the NotPetya ransomworm through his social media outlets.

WannaCry 'kill switch' researcher arrested in banking trojan case; bitcoin wallets emptied

The adversaries behind the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware campaign finally emptied their Bitcoin wallets on Wednesday, after months of lying low.

Hackers will weaponize AI, survey says

Of 100 infosecurity professionals surveyed, 34 percent fingered Russia as the biggest threat to cybersecurity in the U.S., followed closely by organized crime at 33 percent, according to a Cylance blog post.

SMBs finally getting wise to ransomware attacks

The massive cyberattacks that impact major corporations around the world may grab all the headlines, but a recent Malwarebytes survey of small and medium businesses (SMB) found that these companies are being hit just as hard, if not harder.

Decryptor for old Petya versions released

Malwarebytes researchers have developed decryptors for unlocking all legitimate older versions of Petya ransomware.

Scotland's government council heavily targeted by cyberattacks

Cybercriminals have been targeting Scottish government, universities and health organizations at a high rate with more than half of their local councils being hit since 2014

SentinelOne analyses splash ransomware 'splash screens'

Analysis of the psychology behind digital ransom notes sheds light on the range of social engineering tactics used by cyber-attackers.

Cisco predicts a major increase in cyberattacks designed to destroy systems

Cisco researchers are predicting more and larger cyberattacks that have the goal of destroying their targets systems, instead of financial gain or stealing information.

ProMediads now using Sundown-Pirate EK to spread a variety of malware

A year-old malvertising campaign has helped researchers uncover a new exploit kit (EK) called Sundown-Pirate that is being used to deliver a plethora of malware types.

More staff cyber-security aware following WannaCry devastation in May

If there was a silver lining to the WannaCry attacks it was to raise awareness of the dangers of networked systems and encourage more non-technical people to learn more about malware.

Latest CryptoMix ransomware adds .Exte extension to files

A new variant CryptoMix ransomware is appending the .EXTE extension to the names of the folders it captures.

Mystery user offers Petya/NotPetya decryption for nearly £200,000

There are offers now being made to decrypt the apparently undecryptable endpoints strangled by the Petya/NotPetya attacks.

Report: NotPetya actors created fraudulent payment site on Tor

The actors behind the NotPetya wiper malware created a payment site as a ruse to fool victims into thinking their ravaged files could be salvaged, even though there remains little guarantee of this, according to a new blog post from Cylance.

Android 7.1 Nougat version comes with hidden "panic detection"

Android 7.1 Nougat contains a secret panic mode designed to be triggered in the event that malware locks a user's screen.

Backdoor placed in popular Ukrainian software enabled NotPetya attack

A backdoor may have been placed in the software of a Ukrainian accountancy software vendor to help distribute the NotPetya malware.

Kaspersky: Banks, manufacturers, oil and gas utilities roughly 82% of NotPetya's corporate victims

Kaspersky further reported that 60 percent of NotPetya infections took place in Ukraine, while Russia experienced just over 30 percent.

TeleBots hacking group keeps busy under NonPetya, WannaCry smokescreen

NotPetya and WannaCry may have grabbed headlines over the last few months, but ESET points out in a recent report that the Ukraine has been under siege for months by a group dubbed TeleBots that has run a series of damaging attacks against that country.

Druva says half of businesses hit by ransomware are attacked again

The security firm advises the "importance of planning", as "protecting data protects your bottom line".

Rep. Lieu asks NSA to stop Petya, WannaCry if it can

Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif., has called on the National Security Agency (NSA) to release any kill switches or protective services that could help mitigate the cyberattacks launched using NSA-created malicious tools.