Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

Apple issues patch for Logic Pro X; new crypto-ransomware detected

Apple released a security update on Tuesday to patch a flaw in Logic Pro X, the company's software for audio professionals.

Fake Pornhub app spreads ransomware like STDs

Those who may have jumped on the company's free Valentine's Day offer beware.

Almost all organizations lack the technology to defend against cyberattacks, Tripwire

A new survey shows that just 3 percent of IT security professionals believe their organization has the technology in place to deal with the most common cyber problems that they face.

Maryland bill boosts criminal penalties against ransomware perpetrators

A Maryland state senator introduced legislation that would levy heavy prison sentences and large fines against those convicted of ransomware attacks.

Ransomware evolution: Locky and Sage combine in phishing

Researchers have detected that Sage ransomware shares infrastructure with another already notorious malware, Locky.

ElTest adds CryptoShield 1.0, a Cryptomix variant, to its arsenal

A newly discovered derivative of CryptoMix ransomware, dubbed CryptoShield 1.0, is reportedly one of the latest malicious tools to be adopted by the ElTest malware campaign. And while it's name may convey images of protection, it is very much used an an offensive weapon.

Video: Cerber, Locky, Kovter top malware families in 2016: Malwarebytes

Cybersecurity concerns hit the big time in 2016.

Ransomware attacks will double in 2017, study

Ransomware attacks quadrupled in 2016 and will double again in 2017, according to a report from insurance provider Beazley.

Police camera system in D.C. hit with ransomware

The CCTV cameras police in D.C. use to monitor public areas were shuttered for three days earlier this month when a cyberattack hit the system's network of recorders.

Only 52% of internet users get stolen funds back after a cyber-attack

Only 52 percent of internet users who've lost money to cyber-criminals have only received some, or none, of their stolen funds back.

VirLocker ransomware resurges, but a solution is offered

VirLocker ransomware is nasty, but a free solution is on offer, according to a blog post from Malwarebytes Labs.

Sage 2.0 ransomware now distributed along with Locky, Cerber

The little-known Sage ransomware may be starting to hit the big time as reports state an upgraded version, Sage 2.0, has been spotted being spread by the same actors that normally distribute Locky, Cerber and Spora.

Ransomware looks to take, not borrow, from St. Louis Public Library

A ransomware infection has effectively paralyzed the St. Louis Public Library System, affecting 700 public computers in 16 locations and preventing visitors from checking out books or browsing the Internet.

Locky down as cyberercrime takes a brief December holiday

Perhaps as part of a last desperate attempt to make their way onto Santa's "nice list" cybercriminals seemingly took a break in December, particularly in the amount of ransomware being distributed.

ElTest malware campaign changes tactics, scraps use of gates and obfuscation

The long-lived ElTest malware campaign that infects victims through compromised websites evolved once again in the last quarter of 2016, ending its use of exploit kit gates and obfuscation, according to researchers with Palo Alto Networks' Unit 42 threat research team.

Ransomware decryptors and blockers not always a help to victims

Ransomware victims are still finding themselves in the unfortunate position of having to decide wither or not to fork over ransom payments, despite some new tools that have come online designed to help victims both before and after attacks.

Spora ransomware encrypts offline and offers unique payment options

Kaspersky and Bleeping Computer researchers spotted a ransomware that works offline and uses a uniquely sophisticated payment site.

Knowledge is good, ransomware developers look to educate victims

Knowledge is good. At least according to the cybercriminals who are developing ransomware that will give a free decryption key if the victim reads two articles about ransomware.

Deadly KillDisk malware: Now in Linux

The notorious KillDisk malware is back, this time arriving as a Linux variant.

MongoDB databases under attack worldwide

Although a demand for cash is instituted, the researcher who detected this scourge said this is not a case of ransomware as the content on the database is replaced, rather than encrypted.

Ransomware crime bill goes into effect in California

The new law updates the state's penal code to differentiate the crime of ransomware from existing extortion statutes.and could result in a perpetrator spending four years in a state prison.

Arenas Entertainment hit with ransomware demand

A new ransomware attack has reportedly hit Arenas Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based film company tailored to Hispanic audiences worldwide.

You lose, Grinch: DeriaLock ransomware discovered on Christmas Eve, but researchers devise decryptors

A rapidly evolving ransomware family called DeriaLock made its ignominious debut over the 2016 holidays, but researchers quickly created decryptor software to rescue the files of those unlucky enough to receive this unwanted "gift."

New variant of KillDisk wiper threatens industrial control networks with ransomware

The KillDisk disk-wiper program that was used in conjunction with BlackEnergy malware to attack Ukrainian energy utilities now includes a ransomware component, according to researchers at CyberX.

Mobile banking trojan now has encryption and is targeting over 2000 apps

Kaspersky Lab claims that a mobile phone Trojan has gone truly international - with it being translated into 77 languages - and works by demanding admin control of the phone.

More security firms join anti-ransomware initiative

As ransomware infections grow three-fold, a project that aims to help more people now offers decryption tools in multiple languages and for multiple types of ransomware.

SamSa ransomware extortionists earned $450K in yearly ill-gotten profits

Over the last 12 months, the cybercriminals behind the SamSa ransomware campaign targeting healthcare organizations have raked in at least $450,000 in ransom payments.