Ransomware News, Articles and Updates

Belle Fourche (S.D.) city hall hit with ransomware

The small city of Belle Fourche, S.D. was hit with a ransomware attack late last week with the malware encrypting at least some files and demanding a ransom.

North Carolina introduces data breach legislation, after incidents rise in 2017

More than 5.3 million residents of North Carolina were victims of data breaches in 2017 - an escalating trend that has prompted state Attorney General Josh Stein (D) and state Rep. Jason Saine (R) to introduce newly proposed legislation to prevent further incidents and protect the public.

Cybercriminals favored non-malware attacks in 2017: Report

Non-malware-based cyberattacks were behind the majority of cyber incidents reported in 2017, despite proliferation of malware available to both the professional and amateur hacker.

CryptoMix ransomware variant carries new .tastylock extension

Cybercriminals have given CryptoMix ransomware a few minor twists, including adding a new extension name to the encrypted files.

Cyberattack forces New York State hospital to run on downtime procedures

A cyberattack disrupted computer systems at Jones Memorial Hospital (JMH) in Wellsville, N.Y. on Thursday, the Buffalo-area health care facility has announced on its website.

Third of UK Cybersecurity Execs Expect to Be Hacked: Report

Ransomware, phishing attacks and data loss are the three biggest issues that concern UK cybersecurity executives.

VenusLocker ransomware extortionists switch m.o., pursue Monero cryptomining

The same threat group that was responsible for extorting victims with VenusLocker ransomware last year has now shifted its attention to cryptocurrency mining, according to new research.

Washington, D.C. police computers used by two Romanians to operate ransomware campaign

The U.S. Secret Service has filed a complaint against two Romanian nationals for compromising more than 100 Washington, DC police computers that helped operate the city's camera surveillance network in order to spread ransomware.

Romanian police arrest five for spreading Cerber, CTB-Locker ransomware

Romanian law enforcement arrested a gang of five men who operated a ransomware distribution organization that spread Cerber and CTB-Locker.

U.S. pins WannaCry on North Korea

President Trump's homeland security advisor Tom Bossert said North Korea was directly responsible for the WannaCry attacks.

Russians suspected of gearing up to hit Ukraine power-grid over holidays?

Days before Christmas in 2015, remote hackers took control from Ukrainian grid operators and by digitally commandeering substations, shut off power for 225,000 customers for several hours.

Necurs rides 12 million email campaign move up Most Wanted Malware list

The use of the Necurs botnet to spread Scarab ransomware over the Thanksgiving holiday helped propel Necurs up several places on Check Point's Ten Most Wanted Malware list for November.

N.C.'s Mecklenberg County CIO details recent ransomware attack

Mecklenberg County officials reported additional progress restoring its systems following a ransomware attack earlier this month.

File Spider ransomware hitting Balkan nations

A malspam campaign targeting several Balkan countries is distributing a new ransomware called file Spider that threatens to delete a victim's files if the ransom is not paid within 96 hours.

Mecklenberg County restores some systems following ransomware attack

Mecklenberg County (N.C.) officials reported some progress toward restoring government computer services following a ransomware attack last week and did not do so by paying the ransom demanded by the cybercriminals.

New variant Blind ransomware being seen in the wild

A new variant of Blind ransomware carrying a .napoleon extension and that is being delivered via hacked internet information services (ISS) servers is now operating in the wild.

Mecklenberg, N.C. county officials consider paying cyberattacker's ransom demand

Hackers have locked up the Mecklenberg, N.C. county computer system and are demanding that a two-bitcoin ransom to release the servers be paid by December 6, just one day after the attack was launched.

Researchers dissect open-source ransomware programs Bugware and Vortex

Researchers from Zscaler's ThreatLabZ division on Friday released an analysis report on two relatively new open-source ransomware programs, Bugware and Vortex, after tracking recent spam campaigns pushing the strains.

Montgomery County (Ill.) government offices taken offline by malware

The Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency reported that much of the county's computer system went down last week due to what it is calling a malware incident.

Tennessee city still not recovered from ransomware attack

The City of Spring Hill, Tenn. is still suffering from the effects of a ransomware attack that struck the municipality in early November when government officials refused to pay the $250,000 ransom demanded by the cybercriminals.

Coinhive cryptocurrency miner jumps onto Check Point's Most Wanted Malware list

Cryptocurrency miners are becoming one of the most prolific threats facing everyone from CISOs to consumers, with Check Point naming this type of malicious software to its Ten Most Wanted Malware list for October.

Tennessee city hit with ransomware, $250K demanded

The City of Spring Hill, Tenn. was hit late last week with a ransomware attack after an employee opened a malicious email.

QtBot downloader discovered in geo-based Locky-Trickbot campaign

Researchers from Palo Alto Networks have uncovered QtBot, an intermediate-stage downloader that helps to deliver the final payload in geography-based Locky-Trickbot malspam campaigns.

ONI ransomware used to cover track in long-term attacks against Japanese firms

A new strain of ransomware has been used to attack Japanese firms and delete evidence, according to security researchers. Hackers made significant attempts to hide covert operations.