Reboot 25: Honorable mention
Reboot 25: Honorable mention

Hang around IT security long enough and several of the same names keep popping up. With good reason. They have both vision and influence and they aren't afraid to use them.

Employing an “active defense” strategy into cyber intrusions, Dmitri Alperovitch (left) seeks to revise outdated laws so as to empower the private sector to enact efficient self-defense in today's cyber world. In August 2011 while at McAfee, he uncovered Shady RAT, Aurora and Night Dragon, game-changing cyberespionage intrusions into dozens of businesses suspected of originating in China.

A software engineer by training with stints at Cisco and Juniper, industry veteran Nawaf Bitar is currently an SVP of vSphere at VMware. Prior to his talk at last February's RSA Conference, he told SC: “As an industry we must change our approach to fighting cybercrime. Successful attacks occur daily and we ought to be outraged.” He warned the audience in San Francisco that apathy was eroding privacy and issued a called for a more stringent focus on protecting data.

Joyce Brocaglia is the president and CEO of Alta Associates, a leading tech search firm. Often sourced in the press and a frequent speaker at industry events, Brocaglia is recognized for her market insight and for urging students to find mentorship programs and her job applicants to be forward-thinking and capable of articulating technical issues and business terms to executives. 

In an environment that primarily measures achievement in net sales or visibility, it's particularly rewarding for us to call out the work of an organization that can prioritize ideals – particularly privacy protection in our new age of digital connectivity. The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) takes on those who hold the reins – whether in government or industry – large, intimidating forces which, and can often, abuse their privilege. The EFF is a champion of individuals and new technologies often caught up in legal quagmires owing to uninformed authorities and antiquated laws codified before the advent of digital capabilities.

Fight for the Future is an advocate for net neutrality and privacy protections in the age of digital commerce. The nonprofit group takes on government bureaucracies and large corporations which seek to slow down and censor the internet, campaigned against the Stop Online Piracy Act and PROTECT IP Act two years ago, pushed for increased privacy protections on the internet following revelations about the scope of the NSA's data gathering, and set up the Internet Defense League so as to be prepared as liaison should the need arise in the future for further actions to promote causes related to copyright legislation, online privacy and censorship.