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Reflex IPS100



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Strengths: Very easy and effective low-cost intrusion protection.

Weaknesses: Support is only offered during normal business hours.

Verdict: Top performer with excellent protection and ease of use.

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Reflex’s IPS100 is loaded with features. It gives a thorough inspection to all network traffic, and can also be used to filter certain traffic. The device operates inline and examines for both external as well as internal threats.

Another great feature is its very clear and organised logging and reporting. The product has several real-time screens to show network and attack traffic in many charts and graphs. At any time, a report can be created for any time period.

This unit, consisting of both a console device and separate sensors, broke the mold of other multi-unit devices. It set up very quickly and easily with no errors at all. And after setup, it was ready to go with no additional configuration needed.

The web interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the device has the clearest and easily readable charts, graphs, and logs that include all network traffic, attack traffic, and other threats.

The IPS100 passed every test. We had no success either with our vulnerability scanning tool or our penetration tool. It instantly knew it was under attack and blocked all malicious traffic. What’s more, during the attacks, no extra stress was put on the test network.

Documentation is very clear and complete. A simple, easy-to-follow quickstart guide makes the initial setup and configuration fast and efficient. We had the IPS100 out of the box, set up, and running in its default configuration in 15 minutes.

Support for the product is its only disappointment, a key area when IPS products are, by their nature, complicated and operate in a complex environment. In addition, they might be the key line of defence for the corporate information infrastructure.

There is no online support centre, but there is free phone support, although only during business hours unless you buy a premium support contract.

The IPS100 is great value. At around £5,000 it offers quick and effective network-wide intrusion prevention: a good investment for any size of company or network. We rate it as our Best Buy in the large appliance category.

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