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Thousands of Hadoop clusters still not being secured against attacks

Over 5,000 installations of Hadoop are reportedly easily identifiable to hackers worldwide simply by sniffing for open instances of port 50070.

Postscript printers open to password theft through 32-year-old flaw

32-year-old flaws in popular makes of multi-function printers could allow attackers to steal passwords, shut down printers and even cause physical damage.

31 models of Netgear routers found vulnerable; could be hacked to form botnet

Up to one million Netgear routers could be affected by flaws.

Impossible to plug the danger zone in modern browsers, says researcher

The problem of spotting malicious content in browsers is getting worse as threat actors take advantage of an increasing number of pixels being effectively below the "line of death".

Secret key-finding tool launched

TruffleHog could be used to search for secret keys used to access servers