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LastPass bug could allow hackers to steal passwords and execute code

Google researcher Tavis Ormandy finds more flaws in the LastPass password manager, one affecting the Google Chrome extension and another affecting version 3.3.2 of its Firefox add-on.

20-year-old flaw found in Ubiquiti networking gear running ancient PHP

Running PHP 2.0.1 turns out to be a bad way to secure network devices against a range of threats including cross-site request forgery attacks.

Intel Security responds to EFI rootkit malware, updates detection tool

Intel Security has updated its Chipsec BIOS tool in response to the release last week of WikiLeaks' Vault7 collection of 'cutting-edge' CIA malware.

Government-backed malware campaign targets South Korean public sector

A sophisticated and likely government-backed malware campaign has targeted the public sector in South Korea.

Hackers now hit MySQL databases with ransomware

Hundreds of MySQL databases have been subject to ransomware attacks with hackers deleting data and replacing them with a ransom demand for 0.2 bitcoin.