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EternalBlue exploit used in Swiss campaigns by Retefe malware

Trojan uses NSA EtneralBlue exploit to hijack computers for new ransomware campaign targeting unpatched systems.

Key-logging malware, dubbed EHDevel, found intelligence gathering

Security researchers have found a sophisticated malware framework, EHDevel, which started with more vulnerable individuals in bid to reach ultimate objective, targeting several Pakistani individuals.

Choose your own price when shopping - SAP PoS terminals open to attack

Researcher demonstrates how hacking Point of Sale device can be done with a Raspberry Pi, not only to steal credit card data but also to change prices.

Hackers rewrite Jimmy Nukebot malware to change its goals and tasks

Jimmy Nukebot malware trojan becomes more modular to increase flexibility and make static analysis much more complicated - shows ability to adapt to the goals and tasks set before a botnet to take advantage of a new source.