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Microsoft to remove SMB1 protocol - used by Wannacry - from Windows 10

Microsoft is to remove SMB1 server software, which was used by the NSA and later exploited by the hackers behind the recent Wannacry outbreak.

Wimax routers found to contain backdoors allowing authentication bypass

Old Wimax routers have been found to contain backdoors and could enable hackers to bypass authentication researchers have now disclosed, aiding use for DDoS attacks.

Russian hackers used Britney Spears' Instagram posts to control malware

APT group Turla is using a toxic Trojan disguised as a Firefox extension to secretly communicate the URL path for the C&C server to its malware minions.

Hackers upgrading malware to 64-bit code to evade detection

Detecting 64-bit malware is more difficult than signature scanning for 32-bit malware, and despite a slow start cyber-criminals are starting to update their tools.