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Processors should practice SafeSpec to overcome Spectre/Meltdown problems

Scientists have devised a way to defeat the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities caused by speculative execution in modern processors.

Trickbot and IcedID team up to boost revenues from victims

The botnet operators behind IcedID and Trickbot are collaborating with each other and possibly sharing their ill-gotten gains, according to security researchers.

Three-quarters of Redis servers are infected with malware

Research finds that unsecured servers should not have been connected to the internet. Three-quarters of open Redis servers are infected with malware, according to new research.

Flaw in Git could result in remote code execution

Vulnerability patched in Git source code versioning software. Security researchers have discovered a number of flaws in Git that could have enabled hackers to run remote code on a victim's PC.