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Phishing for Ransomware

SC Media looks at best practices to identify and stop phishing attacks with their destructive payloads before they take down the corporate network or hold your corporate data for ransom.

Phishing Reference Guide: Taking the Sport Out of Phishing

Phishing has become the cyber attacker's go-to option for identifying vulnerability in the corporate network. This guide looks at how phishing came to be, how to identify it and how to remove the profit from phishing attacks.

The Clock is Ticking on GDPR

GDPR is right around the corner. We look at how you should prioritize your time to reduce your vulnerability, providing expert advice on what to do and, more importantly, what not to do, with the data you collect.

Is the Thrill of Your SIEM Gone?

SIEM technology is evolving, but it remains the cornerstone of corporate security. What's the future for SIEM and will it remain relevant tomorrow? This eBook looks at how it is evolving to keep current with emerging technologies.

The Picture of Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is a popular buzzword, but is it meeting its hype? Some swear by it; others swear at it. We explain the disconnect.

Who Goes There? Authentication in the cloud is the next great challenge

Conventional wisdom is that if you want to protect data, the best bet is the cloud. Better security. Better access. The question is: Are these assumptions true? We explore those claims and delve into the underlying technology.