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Handcuffing the Mobile Octopus - MDM strategies: An embarrassment of niches

This eBook looks at how MDM works, the top qualities to look for in a solution, and best practices for securing sensitive corporate data. It also explores approaches to ensure productivity is embraced responsibly.

Trials & Tribulations of IAM

This ebook looks at how Islands of Identity can form and how you can overcome the challenges of managing incompatible identity and access management platforms.

Marrying SIEM and AI

This Analysis Brief surveys IT pros to determine if they are using AI today in conjunction with their SIEMs, what their plans are for AI, and how effective their SIEMs and related security tools are for today’s environment.

The Mighty Microservice

This eBook looks at how containers can rein in the sprawl of virtual machines, why this is important, and how microservices can make a difference in the efficiency of the container environment.

A King's Ransom(ware)

Ransomware continues to be a headline grabber but where do these attacks rate compared to other cyberattacks? We look at the history of ransomware, its not-so-obvious impacts, and how you can prepare for the next attack.

My Friend, My Enemy

This special report looks at how social engineering works, why it works as well as it does, how to identify an attack and what to do if you think you’ve been compromised.