ThreatConnect arms organizations with a powerful defense against cyber threats and the confidence to make strategic business decisions. Built on the industry’s only intelligence-driven, extensible security platform, ThreatConnect provides a suite of products designed to meet the threat intelligence aggregation, analysis and automation needs of security teams at any maturity level. More than 1,600 companies and agencies worldwide deploy the ThreatConnect platform to fully integrate their security technologies, teams, and processes with actionable threat intelligence resulting in reduced detection to response time and enhanced asset protection.
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From Reactive to Proactive: How to Avoid Alert Fatigue

As your threat intelligence program matures you’ll notice an increase in alerts. Avoid alert fatigue and enable your team to focus on the relevant threats facing your organization.

Fragmentation: The “Silent Killer” of Your Security Program

Don’t let fragmentation create a detection deficit on your security team. Our whitepaper lays out how to tackle fragmentation at an organizational level.

6 Easy Ways to Advance Your Cybersecurity Program When You Have a Small Team

Security teams struggle with managing incoming threat data and prioritizing alerts. Don’t let the size of your team hold you back. Take 6 steps to advance your team and stop adversaries.

Maturing a Threat Intelligence Program

Discover the key to developing a threat intelligence program with the Threat Intelligence Maturity Model, and keep your organization on top of all incoming threats.

Smarter = Faster: Security Orchestration with Threat Intelligence

Security teams today are automating and orchestrating their threat intelligence to save time and man power for the threats that matter most.