Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. Our IT products uniquely use identity information to grant people access to applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections. Our platform securely connects companies to their customers and partners. Today, thousands of organizations trust Okta to help them fulfill their missions as quickly as possible.
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Identity-Led Security and Strong Authentication

Watch this webinar to learn why identity isn’t simply just a "first step" but also the foundation modern security should be built on. Then explore what characteristics a strong authentication solution should include.

Multi-factor Authentication Deployment Guide

In this guide, we share things to consider before deploying MFA and practical advice for building multi-factor authentication for applications.

Automate Security Incident Response with Okta

Read this white paper to learn how to properly address threats with multi-factor authentication, use identity as the foundation for your breach prevention strategy, and integrate all of your security infrastructure apps.

CIO eGuide: Preventing Data Breaches from Stolen Credentials

This guide will explain how Okta Adaptive Multifactor Authentication (MFA) provides the security that IT needs, while also providing the simplicity end users want.

Protect Against Data Breaches

Read about Okta’s modern approach to centralizing identity management, enabling strong authentication, reducing the attack surface and enabling rapid response.