Fidelis Cybersecurity

Fidelis Cybersecurity is the leader in automated detection and response. Fidelis rises above the noise generated by yesterday’s log-based, perimeter-centric, and signature-based point solutions to provide the only unified security platform that enables you to detect, respond to and prevent threats across today’s most complex cloud, network and endpoint environments. The Fidelis Elevate platform integrates network visibility, data loss prevention, endpoint detection and response, and active deception defenses to simplify and accelerate security operations. With Fidelis security teams can:

-Discover all assets and see everything across all ports and protocols, endpoint activities, lateral movement and data exfiltration
-Detect threats in real-time and retroactively by analyzing network and endpoint metadata based on threat intelligence, machine learning and sandboxing
-Delay attackers and insider threats by disguising your network with decoys, detecting intruders, and luring adversaries away from your assets
-Automate response by jumpstarting playbooks, preventing malware, terminating attacks in progress and stopping data theft

Fidelis is trusted by the world’s largest brands, including 12 of the Fortune 50 and 24 of the Fortune 100, and government organizations. See what you’ve been missing. Visit
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Transforming Security Operations With Security Analytics & Automation

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The State of the SOC

An Enterprise Study on Threat Detection and Response.

Applying Deception Mechanisms for Detecting Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

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Utilizing Deception for Effective Breach Detection

A new approach combines intelligent deception with internal and outbound traffic-monitoring.