Arctic Wolf Networks

Arctic Wolf Networks provides SOC as a service that makes every link in the security chain stronger. Customer-dedicated security engineers anchor the service, act as the stewards of log data, and are focused on reviewing events, identifying incidents, and eliminating false positives. The turnkey service includes a proprietary managed-SIEM, requires no additional staff, and deploys in minutes. Value is delivered every day without any upfront costs or long term contracts. The cloud-based Arctic Wolf CyberSOC service provides even the smallest companies the peace of mind that comes with vigilant cybersecurity.
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Ransomware Infection to Encryption in Three Seconds

Experts agree ransomware is nearly impossible to stop, so the best defense is rapid detection, response, and remediation. Download this whitepaper to gain insights on best practices for blocking the attack.

To SIEM or not to SIEM

When implemented well, an SIEM tool is great at keeping business and information secure. But managing a SIEM is difficult - without constant tuning and skilled personnel to perform analysis, your SIEM investment will fall flat.

Gartner Market Guide for MDR Services

Managed detection and response (MDR) services is an emerging group of security monitoring providers with approaches that do not fit the traditional MSS model.

Mid-Market Cybersecurity Survey Findings

Midmarket companies face the same cyber issues as enterprises, but with a fraction of the budget or access to skilled personnel. A recent survey revealed a disparity between their thinking and their practice of cyber defenses.

EMA: Build or Buy? Security Operations Center Strategies for SMB

Midmarket companies need to implement a security operations center to protect against evolving threats. Building internally has significant cost, risk and personnel disadvantages to a managed security operations center.