Rsam helps organizations meet their risk and compliance goals quickly, even as requirements are always changing. Our enterprise software platform uses a relational architecture and captures data in a single, centralized repository. Unlike other systems, we don’t hard-wire dependencies based on requirements that were probably outdated before implementation began. Instead, the Rsam platform is built to adapt and puts the user in control. Gone are the days of endlessly retrofitting a solution or failing to get it off the ground. With Rsam, you can have a baseline up and running in 30 days and iterate from there.
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The Vendor Risk Management Solution Checklist

Organizations understand the need to automate vendor risk management activities. The following solution checklist can serve as a guide, outlining key features and explaining their significance in mitigating vendor risk.

How to Implement Practical Security Assessments

Organizations are scrambling to identify security weaknesses. To begin, you need a solid understanding of your organization. This model was developed as a guide for developing a perspective in the oblique world of assessments.

Which Platform Is The Best Fit For Your Use Case?

Most organizations have embraced multiple platforms to automate their processes. This paper provides guidelines as you decide whether you should leverage an existing platform for your next applications or invest in a new one.

Healthcare Company Gains Control Over Security Incidents

This case study is from a large healthcare organization who wanted to expand their ability to assess, manage, and respond to security risks across the enterprise. Learn how they achieved their goals.