DomainTools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence. We take indicators from your network and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet. Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution vendors use the DomainTools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and mitigation work.
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Carpe Diem: How to Seize the Phish

This white paper covers important information regarding phishing trends, tactics, and strategies that will inform your defense against phishing attacks and teach you how to seize the phish.

The Rise of Threat Hunting and Why it Matters

Learn why threat hunting is an important way to change the way organizations design their cybersecurity operations. This white paper will cover real world examples, successful traits, and how to measure threat hunting maturity.

Why Retailers Are Losing the Fight Against Online Counterfeiting

In this report, security researchers reveal how cybercriminals are exploiting DNS to commit fraud, using cheap domains to lure unsuspecting consumers to buy knock-off luxury goods, as well as how retailers can minimize risk.

2017 Cybersecurity Report Card

Read the results of this survey to understand the current state of maturity of security teams and professionals, and uncover important data surrounding frequency of malicious activity, products leveraged, and impact of automation.

Survey Report: 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection and Response

Read this report to uncover important data surrounding the top security challenges of 2017, their security business impact, and a cyber attack outlook.

Survey Report: 2017 Threat Hunting Survey

This survey report provides insight into important data surrounding the frequency of threats in 2017, the benefits of threat hunting platforms, and organization's overall confidence in their ability to uncover advanced threats.