DomainTools helps security analysts turn threat data into threat intelligence. We take indicators from your network and connect them with nearly every active domain on the Internet. Fortune 1000 companies, global government agencies, and leading security solution vendors use the DomainTools platform as a critical ingredient in their threat investigation and mitigation work.
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DNS Forensics: Where Intuition Meets Experience

Learn how a DNS-centric approach to unraveling sophisticated attacks can bring stunning results to your cybersecurity strategy.

Survey Report: 2017 Cybersecurity Report Card

We surveyed over 550 security professionals to identify what it takes to earn an "A" in cybersecurity.

Survey Report: 2017 Threat Hunting Survey

Gain insight into the state of threat hunting in security operation centers (SOCs) in a survey with over 330 respondents in the infosec space.

The DomainTools Report: The Distribution of Malicious Domains

Here we identify patterns of malicious domains relative to domain age, name server age, domain entropy and domain registrars that you can apply to your own organization.

The Continuous Security Model

Many experts have recognized gaps in traditional security practices. Take your security procedures to the next level by applying the Continuous Security Model approach.

The DomainTools Report Supplement: Malicious Domain Affix Patterns

Learn from patterns in domain names themselves to calculate their “signal strength” as an indication of nefarious activity with a focus on affixes in malware, phishing, and spam techniques leveraged by threat actors.