The way we work is changing, and so are today’s cyber attacks. Stop threats from exploiting your people and the tools they use to compromise your endpoints, steal your credentials, and access your data. Proofpoint helps you protect the way your people work by detecting and managing advanced threats and compliance risks. Our advanced threat solutions work across email, social media, WiFi hotspots, and mobile apps to help safeguard what matters most. We protect your critical information and equip you with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly when things go wrong.
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Quarterly Threat Report

The threat landscape is evolving rapidly. In 2016, criminals launched more malicious campaigns than ever across email, mobile, and social media. For a comprehensive analysis of the 2016 threat landscape, download our report.

The Hidden Costs of Microsoft Office 365 Security

Superior protection, immediate detection, and rapid response are necessities in a defense for Office 365. Learn how you can take advantage of Office 365 without sacrificing your ability to keep users connected and protected.

The BEC Survival Guide

Since 2015, more than 22,000 organizations have fallen victim to business email compromise (BEC) attacks. Fortunately, you can protect your organization from BEC attacks. Start by reading our BEC Survival Guide.

Ransomware Survival Guide

Ransomware attackers collected over $209 million during the first 3 months of 2016 alone, with the volume of attacks 10 times higher than all 2015. Learn how to protect your organization from today's fastest growing cyber threat.

Advanced Email Security Solution Brief

Learn how Proofpoint Advanced Email Security provides a multilayered defense against BEC, ransomware, advanced malware, bulk mail and email downtime.

Connect with Confidence: Three Steps to Stopping Advanced Email Threats

Here are three keys to get started solving the entire email threat problem.