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Great Bay Software is an endpoint and IoT security leader and innovator. Our Beacon Product Suite is the only real-time discovery, visibility and control solution that enables continuous identification, onboarding, monitoring and enforcement of 100% of networked devices – traditional, BYOD and IoT. In addition, Great Bay’s Warehouse of Context™; serves as the industry's richest repository of real-time information on all managed and unmanaged endpoints, and our easy-to-deploy, agentless solution delivers unprecedented speed, scale and simplicity to enterprises looking to efficiently mitigate risk, manage compliance, and authenticate which devices gain network access. For more information about Great Bay Software visit
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Gartner: Real-time Discovery, Visibility and Control are Critical for IoT Security

The growth of IoT is a top concern of security leaders as up to two-thirds of devices on the network are unknown or unmanaged, representing significant security risk. Download this whitepaper for an analysis on how to address it.

Independent Banker's Audit & Compliance Tool Kit

When it comes to preparing for a successful audit, there are effective, approaches that every credit union and community bank should have in its arsenal. We have curated these expert resources into a single definitive tool kit.

Forrester: Key Considerations to Securing the Internet of Things & Biomedical Devices

In this ondemand webinar, Forrester Senior Analyst and noted expert Merritt Maxim provides a comprehensive overview of real-world risks, threats and case studies of security breaches in the healthcare industry.

Minimizing Network Security Risks Created by Medical Devices

In this comprehensive white paper, you will learn about the growing IoMT threats, and get real world tips on devising an effective, scalable IoMT security strategy for your hospital, healthcare network, or clinic.

How to Safeguard Against MAC Spoofing

This white paper explores the MAC spoofing problem, covers best practices, and evaluates the effective solutions available to thwart off MAC spoofing attacks.