Founded in 2011, CloudPassage® was the first company to obtain a U.S. patent for universal cloud infrastructure security and has been a leading innovator in cloud security automation and compliance monitoring for high-performance application development and deployment environments. CloudPassage Halo® is an award-winning workload security automation platform that provides universal visibility and continuous protection for servers in any combination of data centers, private/public clouds and containers. The Halo platform is delivered as a service, so it deploys in minutes and scales effortlessly. Fully integrated with popular infrastructure automation and orchestration tools such as Puppet and Chef, as well as leading CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, Halo secures the enterprise where it’s most vulnerable—application development and workload deployment. Today, CloudPassage Halo secures the critical infrastructure of many of the leading global finance, insurance, media, ecommerce, high-tech service providers, transportation and hospitality companies.
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Container Security

Read this eBook to explore key findings and best practices for developing a security architecture for your containerized applications.

Bits in a Box: Containers, a UNIX one-trick pony, make a comeback

The container-vs-virtual machine debate confirms one important sea change for security professionals: containers are back from their UNIX heyday, bringing speed and scalability to cloud-based applications and development.

SANS Institute: A DevSecOps Transformation

Many executives believe the shift to agile business will disrupt their industries, driving the move to Continuous Integration and Deployment. This infographic gives you seven InfoSec imperatives to help your transformation.

The DevSecOps Approach to Securing Your Code and Your Cloud

Having infosec, app dev, and IT ops immersed in all development activities makes it easier to integrate controls into the pipeline without causing delays. This paper walks you through those policies and guideline processes.

A New Approach for Securing DevOps Environments in the Cloud

Today, high-performing teams deploy IT infrastructures on demand and can make changes in less than an hour. This rapid pace leaves security teams behind, and the massive gap puts companies at risk.

Seven Decision Points When Considering Containers

This paper has identified 7 key decision points that should be considered when choosing to deploy to containers. These 7 decision points can act as guideposts that will help point you in the right direction for using containers.