Cymulate helps companies to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers with a unique breach and attack simulation platform that empowers organizations with complex security solutions to safeguard their business-critical assets. By mimicking the myriad of strategies hackers deploy, the system allows businesses to assess their true preparedness to handle cyber security threats effectively. An on-demand SaaS-based platform enables to run simulations 24/7 from anywhere, shortening the usual testing cycle, and speeding up time to remediation. Cymulate was established in 2016 by former IDF intelligence officers and leading cyber researchers with extensive experience in offensive cyber solutions.
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Breach & Attack Simulation VS Pen Testing VS Vulnerability Scanning

Download this whitepaper to learn the pros and cons of vulnerability scans and penetration tests, as well as the new and effective approach to cybersecurity validation.

How A BAS Platform Can Assist with Evaluating Secure Email Gateway Solutions

Download this whitepaper to learn how to determine the best email security gateway product, compare various SEG solutions, and how breach & attack simulation platforms can test the efficiency of various Secure Email Gateways.

Cryptocurrency Under Attack

Download this whitepaper to learn about past cryptocurrency-related cyberattacks, the history of cybercurrency, and how breach & attack simulation platforms allow you to verify your company's security posture.