SC Media eBook on Threat Intelligence

This eBook looks at threat intelligence techniques used to detect cyberespionage and provides recommendations on what companies can do immediately to reduce exposure. Threat intelligence can be key to reducing your attack profile.


SC eBooks are independent, editorially driven products, sometimes underwritten by sponsors, that offer in-depth analysis of critical areas of interest to our readers. These comprehensive reports provide insights from industry experts specializing in the various aspects of data security, and hands-on analysis by CISOs of companies addressing these challenges on a daily basis.

Privileged Access Management eBook

Thanks to numerous, headline-making incidents in recent years, cybercrime has risen toward the top of the concern list for many organizations—and the customers with whom they do business.

SC Media eBook on GDPR

GDPR is less than a year away, but a large number of companies have yet to start to implement the regulations. This eBook looks into the challenges of waiting too long to meet the standard and helps set a timetable for compliance.

SC Media Special Report On Hybrid AI

This Special Report delves into questions related to hybrid AI and the crossroads of where AI can be used reasonably and what still needs to be done to avoid the dystopian "Westworld".

SC Media eBook on Identity and Access Management

Despite all the complexities of cybersecurity, the main issue remains identity and access management. But how does a company master identity and access management? That’s the ultimate question that has yet to be answered.

SC Media eBook on Data Classification

This eBook looks at who determines who classifies the data and who implements the security around classifications.

SC Media eBook on Threat Intelligence

This eBook looks at threat intelligence techniques used to detect cyberespionage and provides recommendations on what companies can do immediately to reduce exposure. Threat intelligence can be key to reducing your attack profile.

SC Media eBook on Predictive Analytics

Big Data is everywhere, greatly expanding the potential for predictive analytics. This ebook looks at how predictive analytics works and how machine learning can spot trends long before a human might see a vulnerability.

SC Media eBook on Endpoint Security

How do CISOs defend against endpoint attacks? This ebook looks at capabilities of basic endpoint security, as well as addresses how CISOs can defend against more sophisticated attacks, such as ransomware, spear phishing and APTs.

SC Media eBook on Threat Intelligence

This eBooks looks at some of the ways CISOs are sharing intelligence in order to build better defenses and the challenges they face in making sure this intelligence is actionable.

SC Media eBook on GRC

This eBook looks at how managing the three legs of the GRC stool will keep a company from violating regulations while reducing risk and improving security.

SC Media eBook on Incident Response

This eBook looks at the first 9 essential steps you need to take immediately upon finding a breach. Miss one of these steps and you could be looking at long-term problems.

SC Media eBook on GDPR

This eBook looks at what your should be doing today to get yourself ready to do business with companies that must be GDPR compliant.

SC Magazine eBook on Behavioral Analytics

This eBook or 20/20 looks at how behavioral analytics, why it is being used and the ethical questions it raises.

SC Media eBook on Ransomware

Ransomware attacks are profitable and effective for the attackers. What's to stop them from continuing with these types of breaches? This ebook looks at why these attacks have become so popular in the past few years.

Application security: Applications are the new network-edge device eBook

Cybersecurity pros steeped in endpoint and network security must expand their expertise into applications – and developers need to come to grips with their own security challenges.

SC Media eBook on Security Analytics

It’s no longer a question of will you be breached but how quickly and effectively you respond to the breach. We discuss some of your options.

SC Media eBook on DDoS

This eBook will look at modern defensive measures organizations can employ to protect themselves from these relatively inexpensive and easily exploitable attacks and new defenses that will be available shortly.

SC Media eBook on Data Loss Prevention

This eBook looks at today’s best practices for making the attackers’ efforts unproductive.

SC Media eBook on Encryption

With all the current talk about Apple, Safe Harbor and other encryption issues, this eBook will look at the state of encryption and how it has become as much a business issue as it is a security one.

SC Media Cyber Insurance eBook

Cyber insurance is a volatile industry with lots of confusion about what’s covered and what’s not. A recent Appeals Court case for the 4th District ruled that general business insurance addresses cyber breaches, while some...

SC Media EBook On Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability management is far more comprehensive than many companies implement and hardly plug-and-play. Rather, it’s a daily exercise in defense, detection, response and mitigating risk.

Escaping the Malware Maze

How can the enterprise survive the daily onslaught of viruses and malware while building a long-term cyberdefense strategy to handle even bigger threats?

SC Media eBook on Web Application Security

The eBook looks at some of the most common errors made in configuring tools, why and how they occur, and provides recommendations on best practices for properly training staff and configuring the tools that secure your app..

SC Media eBook on Mobile Security

This SC Magazine eBook on Mobile Security will delve into the world of mobile security and look at the policies and procedures CISOs need to have in place to augment MDM software.

SC Media eBook on Insider Threat

Not all threats are malicious. Well-intentioned employees represent a risk vector just as severe as others. Read the latest SC Magazine eBook on Insider Threat to learn more.

SC Media eBook on PCI

In this latest ebook from SC Magazine, we examine how even those companies not needing to adhere to the credit card guidance can benefit from the rules that PCI DSS lays out.