Beware the Insidious IoT Devices

As security professionals determine how to protect IoT devices, end users still add more vulnerable devices to their networks. When do you draw the line? Listen to some security execs who have and are facing just that decision.


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Is the Thrill of Your SIEM Gone?

SIEM technology is evolving, but it remains the cornerstone of corporate security. What's the future for SIEM and will it remain relevant tomorrow? This eBook looks at how it is evolving to keep current with emerging technologies.

The Picture of Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is a popular buzzword, but is it meeting its hype? Some swear by it; others swear at it. We explain the disconnect.

Who Goes There? Authentication in the cloud is the next great challenge

Conventional wisdom is that if you want to protect data, the best bet is the cloud. Better security. Better access. The question is: Are these assumptions true? We explore those claims and delve into the underlying technology.

Risking It All on Risk Management

Risk management rules are changing fast and furiously worldwide. Is your company able to cope with the rapid change? For global firms, these changes can be daunting.

SIEMs of Change

The SIEM you installed 5 years ago is not necessarily the one you need today. While rip-and-replace supporters say you need a fully integrated threat intelligence “solution,” it might not be the answer to your problem.

Bank Fraud for the Holidays

There was a time when criminals robbed banks because that's where the money was. Today, stealing from banks is more enticing with more than a savings account at stake -- the entire SWIFT system is vulnerable. Check out our report.

GDPR: Conflicted Compliance

GDPR is all about privacy, but some of the EU rules are in conflict with US laws and regulations.

How will this all play out? We provide insights on this conundrum.

AI: Utopia or dystopia?

Today AI is being used to find vulnerabilities in software and systems before the attackers do so, enabling defenders to be proactive in finding zero days and potential Patient 0 victims. We explain how this works.

Beware the Insidious IoT Devices

As security professionals determine how to protect IoT devices, end users still add more vulnerable devices to their networks. When do you draw the line? Listen to some security execs who have and are facing just that decision.

Bits in a Box: Containers, a UNIX one-trick pony, make a comeback

The container-vs-virtual machine debate confirms one important sea change for security professionals: containers are back from their UNIX heyday, bringing speed and scalability to cloud-based applications and development.

Managing Threats

As data threats change, CISOs must determine if their company is prepared. This ebook looks at how threat management is changing and why security that worked a few years ago might be insufficient in today’s threat landscape.

Cloud-based Backup: Surviving Ransomware

This SC Media eBook provides practical advice on protecting your network from the next WannaCry-like attack.

Normalizing Behavioral Analytics

Understanding how and why your employees act the way they do can reduce the potential for insider attacks and potential losses. Behavioral analytics helps identify and reduce potential losses. Here’s how it works.

It's Classified

This eBook looks at who determines who classifies the data and who implements the security around classifications.

Predicting the future (ATTACK): Is predictive analytics in your data center's future?

Big Data is everywhere, greatly expanding the potential for predictive analytics. This ebook looks at how predictive analytics works and how machine learning can spot trends long before a human might see a vulnerability.

Defending the elusive Endpoint

How do CISOs defend against endpoint attacks? This ebook looks at capabilities of basic endpoint security, as well as addresses how CISOs can defend against more sophisticated attacks, such as ransomware, spear phishing and APTs.

Snakebit at the GRC Corral

This eBook looks at how managing the three legs of the GRC stool will keep a company from violating regulations while reducing risk and improving security.

SC Media eBook on Incident Response

This eBook looks at the first 9 essential steps you need to take immediately upon finding a breach. Miss one of these steps and you could be looking at long-term problems.

Application security: Applications are the new network-edge device eBook

Cybersecurity pros steeped in endpoint and network security must expand their expertise into applications – and developers need to come to grips with their own security challenges.

SC Media eBook on DDoS

This eBook will look at modern defensive measures organizations can employ to protect themselves from these relatively inexpensive and easily exploitable attacks and new defenses that will be available shortly.

Data loss prevention: Best practices for making attackers’ efforts unproductive.

This eBook looks at today’s best practices for making the attackers’ efforts unproductive.