Breaking the Kill Chain Stopping Data Breaches

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It’s impossible for a day to pass in which we don’t hear news of yet another data breach, with its resulting loss of proprietary secrets, financial records or personal information. Security specialists have striven to establish perimeter-based defenses that, in the most simplistic of terms, keep the bad guys out and let the good guys in, but continual breaches offer evidence these perimeters have failed at their primary goal. As a consequence organizations are coming to grips with the realization an essential new layer of security, focused specifically on the protection and management of identities, is a critical new requirement in efforts to stem the tide of breaches.

Privileged Access Management solutions from CA Technologies provide a host of capabilities and controls that actively prevent attackers from carrying out key components of their attacks—breaking the breach kill chain—as well as delivering additional support for reducing risks, minimizing damage and speeding recovery in the event of a successful attack.