Forrester: Key Considerations to Securing the Internet of Things & Biomedical Devices

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When it comes to the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), IoT security is more than just a hyped buzz-words. For healthcare providers -- including regional hospitals, healthcare networks and other highly regulated healthcare organizations -- the threats are real, and network and IoT device security is tantamount. When a breach occurs at one of instituions, the best case scenario presents major operations and compliance issues. In the worst case, sensitive patient data may be exposed and medical therapies could be impacted.

In this ondemand webinar, Forrester Senior Analyst and noted expert Merritt Maxim provides a comprehensive overview of real-world risks, threats and case studies of security breaches in the healthcare industry - and effective formulas for determining if your organization could be at risk. Viewers will come away with a clear understanding of IoT and Medical Device trends and guidance on how to protect and defend your organization.