Minimizing Network Security Risks Created by Medical Devices

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When it comes to healthcare, ensuring patient health and wellness doesn't stop in the examination room or hospital bed. For IT security teams, protecting network security is critical to protecting your patients and their data. The explosive growth of unmanaged medical devices on healthcare networks is unparalleled, and that trend is expected to continue as a new generation of "Internet of Medical Things" proliferates at an exponential rate. With great innovation comes increased risk, and healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes are feeling the pinch. With almost 15 network connected IoMT devices per bed having an accurate inventory, minimizing cybersecurity risk is on the rise and networks are unprotected.

In this comprehensive white paper, you will learn about the growing IoMT threats, including current hacking trends and types of devices, and get real world tips on devising an effective, scalable IoMT security strategy for your hospital, healthcare network, or clinic.