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Denial-of-service assaults are hardly new and often not very “high-tech.” Today’s attackers can corral thousands, perhaps millions of systems of systems infected with malware to launch focused botnet attacks that can easily bring down targeted servers. In fact, even the Pentagon has programs in place to develop defenses against these distributed DOS (DDoS) attacks. When the attackers have such enormous compute-power behind them, how can a corporation or service provider defend against such aggressive intruders? And what might the Pentagon develop that can be ported to the private sector to help defend against such attacks? Today’s botnet attacker need not be a highly trained programmer but rather might simply be someone with access to malware purchased easily over Tor or a dark net site for very little money. This eBook will look at modern defensive measures organizations can employ to protect themselves from these relatively inexpensive and easily exploitable attacks and new defenses that will be available shortly.