An Insider's Guide to Email Authentication Through DMARC

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Email is the primary communications medium globally, with over 6.3 billion mailboxes used by 3.7 billion people worldwide in 2017 — half the planet — and it continues to grow.

But email is vulnerable. It's way too easy for hackers, phishers, and other scammers to impersonate companies, simply by putting their email addresses into the From fields of bogus phishing messages.

Email authentication through DMARC puts a stop to that, and puts brands in control of how their domains get used -- and by whom -- in email.

In this 8-page guide, you'll learn how DMARC works, why it's effective, how many mailboxes support it, and what's involved in implementing DMARC alongside SPF and DKIM. You'll also learn about other benefits of DMARC: Not merely protecting your email from being used in phishing attacks, but also for monitoring email usage, discovering "shadow email" services, and increasing deliverability of legitimate emails from your company.