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How to Ensure Data Privacy in Public Clouds

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How to Ensure Data Privacy in Public Clouds

The trend of enterprises moving applications, data and infrastructure to public clouds is unrelenting. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and a variety of other service providers are all becoming critical hosting providers for organizations worldwide. The transition is a strategic move by companies to transform infrastructure operations, improve the customer experience and reduce costs.

But this transition also leads to an increased security "footprint" that must be safeguarded by an organization's cybersecurity team. Spreading data across multiple hosting centers complicates DDoS mitigation strategies, leading to seams between these clouds that modern cybercriminals are quick to exploit. Radware's annual global industry survey garnered responses from hundreds of C-level executives worldwide to understand the impact that cloud computing is having on organizations and to identify best practices and strategies to keep your organization's most prized digital assets secure.

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