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Redefining Security Analytics with Chronicle

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Redefining Security Analytics with Chronicle

The threats and technology environments around us have changed radically. Security professionals lament that they must manage threats that originated in the 1980s, which means that old threats never leave; new threats simply pile on.

It is clear that the environments an organization must secure and monitor have also dramatically expanded. Much of this change is additive - in addition to mainframes and Windows servers, there are cloud platforms, mobile, and SaaS. As a result, there is more of everything - both threats and assets - to protect. As such, the tools that help detect threats, enable incident responders, and perform security monitoring must change as well.

Read this whitepaper to find out how does security monitoring and threat detection need to change, how can it accommodate the older and the newer systems, while the new (e.g., containers, cloud, and IoT) continue to grow.

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