Are You Collecting Personal Data Securely?

In this guide, find out the changes to online information processing introduced by GDPR and how they differ from current data privacy legislation, who is at risk, and what the common issues organizations face to comply are.


Whitepapers are partner-offered informational research documents that provide technical and operational data, case studies, and timely views and explanations to help keep your organization safe.

The State of the SOC

An Enterprise Study on Threat Detection and Response.

Applying Deception Mechanisms for Detecting Sophisticated Cyber Attacks

Learn more about how deception is quickly gaining the attention of organizations seeking an efficient post-breach detection technology.

Utilizing Deception for Effective Breach Detection

A new approach combines intelligent deception with internal and outbound traffic-monitoring.

Mesa Systems Protects Against Phishing Email with EdgeWave ThreatTest

This case study reviews how Mesa Systems identified a new wave of phishing attacks getting past their existing defenses, and how they are giving their employees a simple tool that helps them flag suspicious emails in their inbox.

Phishing: The Threat from Within

In this paper, we explore challenges IT professionals face when adopting a more traditional approach to security monitoring and identify new steps you can take to stop, measure and report phishing attacks in real-time.

Fight the Phishing Epidemic and Win - The 5 Biggest Challenges and How to Attack Back

This guide details the top five challenges organizations face in fighting phishing threats and how a new approach can finally solve your biggest corporate inbox risk.

Osterman White Paper: Supplementing the Limitations in Office 365

This Osterman Research White Paper examines what’s currently available in Office 365 and addresses security, archiving and content management, and GDPR compliance limitations.

Who Moved my Data? Securing Cloud Data in a Share-Everything World

Download this white paper to learn best practices for keeping your SaaS applications and the data you store in them safe from cyber-attacks.

Definitive Email Security Strategy Guide

Download this definitive guide to learn the 5 key steps to building your email security strategy across the entire attack chain – from prevention through real-time response.

Getting Started with DMARC

The DMARC standard is the most powerful weapon to date in the fight against phishing and spoofing. Download this complete DMARC reference guide to learn what DMARC is and how it works, as well as best practices for implementation.

The Human Factor in Advanced Attacks

Today’s advanced attacks focus more on exploiting human flaws than system flaws. Download Proofpoint’s Human Factor Report, based on anonymized data from over 5,300 organizations, for insights into this new trend.

What You Can Do to Strengthen Cloud Security

Security is a shared responsibility that requires investment by both cloud providers and users. So, what can organizations do to strengthen security of the cloud environments? This white paper presents key steps you can take.

Cloud Visibility For Dummies

In seven fast chapters, Ixia's Special Edition Cloud Visibility For Dummies addresses important questions related to cloud, as well as providing insights into trends driving cloud adoption.

Security Resilience - The Paradigm Shift is Here

Read this whitepaper to get an explanation of security resilience and the benefits it can deliver to you.

The ABCs of Inline Security

Download this whitepaper for clarity into the most frequently encountered concepts of inline security and to have a resource as you develop your network security architecture.

Network Visibility For Dummies

Download this guide to learn how to use a visibility foundation to access all the relevant traffic moving through your organization and deliver the information you need to protect and maximize customer experience.

The Definitive Guide to Visibility Use Cases

This book provides a collection of the top 68 network visibility use cases, along with a brief overview of how to implement each one. These summaries allow you to determine which use cases are critical for your business.

3 Reasons Why DevOps is a Game-Changer for Security

This whitepaper explores the intersection of DevOps and InfoSec, offering three reasons why security organizations will benefit by combining these two practices.

Cyber Exposure for Dummies

This ebook takes a close look at Cyber Exposure, including the Cyber Exposure gap created by legacy security offerings and the Cyber Exposure platform designed to protect all computing assets.

Reducing Cyber Exposure from Cloud to Containers: 5 Key Learnings from the CISO POV

This ebook provides insights on how CISOs are addressing the modern attack surface.

Phishing Response Trends - It's a Cluster

Download your report to learn about the implications of our phishing response data and what organizations can do to improve their anti-phishing security.

Five Phishing Predictions 2018

You can’t stop what you can’t see. To give you visibility into the changing phishing landscape, this survey gives you trends on what’s coming next. Read the 5 predictions in this e-book and learn how to prepare your IT department.

Enterprise Phishing Resiliency and Defense Report

Learn the proactive way to strengthen your phishing defense. Are you going on offense against phishing or playing chronic defense? Read this report and find out how to take the fight to attackers.

Cofense Intelligence: A Look Back and a Look Forward

Over the past year, three notable malware delivery trends emerged throughout the thousands of phishing campaigns analyzed by Cofense Intelligence. Learn what they are and more - download the report.

Marrying SIEM and AI

This Analysis Brief surveys IT pros to determine if they are using AI today in conjunction with their SIEMs, what their plans are for AI, and how effective their SIEMs and related security tools are for today’s environment.

From Reactive to Proactive: How to Avoid Alert Fatigue

As your threat intelligence program matures you’ll notice an increase in alerts. Avoid alert fatigue and enable your team to focus on the relevant threats facing your organization.

Fragmentation: The “Silent Killer” of Your Security Program

Don’t let fragmentation create a detection deficit on your security team. Our whitepaper lays out how to tackle fragmentation at an organizational level.

The 2018 Threat Impact and Endpoint Protection Report

For this report, business across all industries were surveyed to find out what they're doing to defend themselves. We examined how organizations protect themselves from ransomware and the effectiveness of their protection.

2018 Ransomware Hostage Rescue Manual

Get the most complete Ransomware Manual packed with info you need to prevent infections, and what to do when you are hit with ransomware, complete with a Ransomware Attack Response Checklist and Ransomware Prevention Checklist.

The Buyer’s Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence

Read this guide to get clarity on how to narrow down your search for the right threat intelligence solution.

How You Can Use the Dark Web for Threat Intelligence

Download this white paper for a clear definition of the dark web, an understanding of underground threat actor communities, and examples of threat intelligence uncovered by combining dark web, open web, and technical sources.

Frost & Sullivan: The Digital Threat Management Platform Advantage

In this Frost & Sullivan report you’ll see how the RiskIQ Digital Threat Management Platform is being used in organizations today and the ROI benefits it delivers.

Are You Collecting Personal Data Securely?

In this guide, find out the changes to online information processing introduced by GDPR and how they differ from current data privacy legislation, who is at risk, and what the common issues organizations face to comply are.

EMA RadarTM for Digital Threat Intelligence Management: Q4 2017

The EMA Radar for Digital Threat Intelligence Management: Q4 2017 Report evaluates threat intelligence management providers by their ability to help organizations combat a new generation of threats in the digital marketplace.

The Q4 2017 Mobile Threat Landscape Report

In this Q4 2017 analysis of 120 mobile app stores and more than 2 billion daily scanned resources, RiskIQ reconfirmed most app stores failed to protect their users from malicious downloads. Download the report to find out more.

What Constitutes Effective Security Awareness Training?

Training personnel to recognize security threats is a critical part of any security strategy. Organizations must consider the content and the training methods, but what constitutes effective security awareness training?

6 Easy Ways to Advance Your Cybersecurity Program When You Have a Small Team

Security teams struggle with managing incoming threat data and prioritizing alerts. Don’t let the size of your team hold you back. Take 6 steps to advance your team and stop adversaries.

Maturing a Threat Intelligence Program

Discover the key to developing a threat intelligence program with the Threat Intelligence Maturity Model, and keep your organization on top of all incoming threats.

Smarter = Faster: Security Orchestration with Threat Intelligence

Security teams today are automating and orchestrating their threat intelligence to save time and man power for the threats that matter most.

Techniques to Deal with Ransomware, Business Email Compromise, and Spearphishing

Download this new Osterman Research whitepaper for best practices in defending against Ransomware, business email compromise, and spearphishing.

How to Transform Employee Worst Practices into Enterprise Best Practices

Download this whitepaper to learn the Top 10 enterprise security employee best practices, as well as clear direction on how to go about improving your organization’s security posture.

Forrester TEI Study: Value of KnowBe4 Goes Beyond ROI

Read this study for an explanation of Forrester’s analysis and a walk-through of KnowBe4's impact on their customer’s business. How does 127% ROI with a one month payback sound?

CEO Fraud Prevention Manual

Cyber-risk management remains a blind spot for most C-level executives. Any company must quickly learn to integrate these skills and technologies into day-to-day operations – or face the consequences.

Employees at the Frontline in the Battle Against Ransomware

The recent escalating ransomware attacks have shown that no organization is safe and the effects of those attacks can be devastating. Find out how you can train your employees to become a human firewall and combat these attacks.

Your Money or Your Files! A Short History of Ransomware

Cybercrime ransomware attacks are evolving rapidly and getting more sophisticated every month. Read more on how to prevent these attacks to make sure you don't become a victim in the first place.