Steve Gold, a prominent information security journalist and SC Magazine contributor, has died.
Steve Gold, a prominent information security journalist and SC Magazine contributor, has died.

“He was a genuine technology enthusiast, who actually tried out much of the security he wrote about. His friendly approach, sense of humour, empathy and kind manner will be sorely missed by all who knew him.”

Illena Armstrong, vice president of editorial at SC Magazine, recalled her first interaction with Gold upon joining the publication. 

"When I joined SC years ago, Steve was one of the first reporters I befriended at the publication," Armstrong said. "His IT security savvy was legend. Even more storied, perhaps, was his willingness to provide a lending hand, background knowledge, whatever might be needed, really, to virtually anyone who asked. Yet, even this well-known trait likely competed a bit with his uncanny ability to induce welcome chortles with his witty, sometimes self-deprecating humor at just the right moments.

"He and I have kept in touch over these many years, and when we were looking to infuse our SC UK brand with a new vigor, he's one of the first pros I called. Luckily for us, he was back working with SC again, reliably turning in well-researched, interesting and objective news and tips to us almost daily. A proud self-proclaimed IT geek, Steve was a seasoned and disarming journalist but, most importantly, an abidingly trustworthy friend and colleague. I'll miss him."

Tony Morbin, editor-in-chief at SC Magazine, said: "I first met Steve in the early 1990's at Computer News Middle East where Steve was my industry insider, or as he described himself, 'self-confessed propellerhead', who would explain the implications of new developments that I might not have grasped. It was typical of his enthusiasm to spread his knowledge and help others get as excited about communications technology as he was himself.  

Working with Steve on several other publications over the years Steve continued to provide insight into info-security as it applied to various industry sectors. Then, most recently, on joining SC I was delighted to again have Steve on hand, not only as a reliable, prolific news journalist, but also a humourous friend and trusted adviser."

Tracey Caldwell, a long-standing journalist colleague of Steve's and editor of Biometric Technology Today, said: “Steve was a lovely man and a character – he stood out from the crowd at IT industry events with his distinctive musical notation braces. He always had great stories to tell as well as being passionate and super-knowledgeable about the latest in technology. I will miss him.”

Steve Mansfield-Devine, another long-standing journalist colleague, and editor of Network Security and Computer Fraud & Security, said: “I've known Steve both as a friend and a colleague for nearly three decades. And what always impressed me was his reliability — not just as a journalist who could get the story, but as a friend who could be counted on for his generosity and largeness of spirit.

“I've never known anybody else capable of maintaining so many relationships, professional and personal - and that came from his immense capacity for empathy as well as an engaging mischievous streak. I'll miss all of that. “

Steve is survived by his wife and son.

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