Name: PalmSecure Palm Vein Authentication System
Description: Palm vein-based authentication integrated into a mouse for comfort and ease of use.

Price: $199

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Palm vein-based authentication integrated into a mouse for comfort and ease of use.
Slightly difficult to authenticate and can become expensive.
Very clever product. If you can afford it, this is well worth looking at. It does suffer from ease-of-use challenges until users learn the best way to hold it as they authenticate.

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The Fujitsu PalmSecure device is a small cube sensor that uses near-infrared light to capture a person’s palm vein pattern. This sensor comes embedded in a USB mouse for added ease of use and comfort. The main function of the product is to incorporate with a single sign-on product – such as those provided by IBM, Citrix and Passlogix – to replace passwords or even fingerprint scanners.

The PalmSecure can easily integrate with the already existing single sign-on infrastructure in the enterprise, which allows it to be seamlessly deployed to users without having to train them to use a whole new single sign-on product. If there is no infrastructure in place, or this is for a single application, Fujitsu offers help with development to meet the needs of the enterprise.

Documentation included two PDF guides. We found both documents to include clear details in step-by-step instructions with screen shots and plenty of examples.

Fujitsu provides eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week phone and email support at no cost for the lifetime of the product. This includes installation help, as well as integration assistance. There is also a knowledge base available on the website.

At a price of almost $200 per device, this tool can be quite expensive to implement in large environments, but we do find it to be a good value for the money based on its easy integration, free support and innovative technology.