Product Reviews


Verdict: This is an excellent approach to first phase interdiction for ransomware attacks and shows a solid understanding of the ransomware process and how to manage its delivery through phishing.

SC Magazine Recommended

Sophos Intercept X and Endpoint Protection

Verdict: This is a solid anti-ransomware tool, priced right and well-supported. It certainly deserves your attention. We make this our Recommended product for multi-featured products this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Trend Micro Smart Protection Complete

Verdict: This is absolutely a world-class anti-ransomware product in a world-class ecosystem. Using the associated products, you can build out a solid security framework in your enterprise. For its completeness and solid competence, we make this our Best Buy this month.

WatchPoint CryptoStopper

Verdict: A promising product not quite ready for prime time.

Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection BATP

Verdict: This is not for the faint-hearted, but if you opt for this you can be assured that it and Barracuda will serve you very well, indeed.

Mimecast Email Security Gateway with Target Threat Protection

Verdict: Because this is a rather specialized approach to the ransomware problem and, in our experience, one of a very small handful of services that get this right, we make this one our Recommend product for specialized products this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Anomali ThreatStream

Verdict: Solid threat intelligence product with a prodigious collection of resources. Fits well into just about threat and intelligence analysis tool set. At a price that is hard to beat, we make this our best Buy.

SurfWatch Threat Analyst

Verdict: In a sensitive environment – such as a financial institution that can afford the resource – this is a very solid contender. There is a whole lot to like about it and it may be one of the most powerful tools on the market.

CounterTack Digital DNA DDNA

Verdict: This is a good tool and certainly has a place in your analysis stack.

Cyjax Intelligence Platform

Verdict: We wish that Cyjax would use humans instead of computers to probe underground forums. Also, this is a bit pricey for what it offers. However, if you need open source intelligence with a bit of closed source thrown in, this is well worth your time to examine.

SC Magazine Recommended

CrowdStrike Falcon Intelligence

Verdict: If you need this level of analysis and if you can afford it, this is a solid choice for your cyber intel arsenal. We make it our Recommended choice.

Catbird Secure

Verdict: This has long been one of our favorite products and it is well worth considering.

CloudPassage Halo

Verdict: Good, well though-out tool and, if you are looking for out-of-the-box compliance capabilities, this one demands your attention.

SC Magazine Recommended

FireMon 40Cloud

Verdict: A powerful tool with a clear and important mission that it fulfills well. We make this our Recommended product this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

GuardiCore Centra

Verdict: This is one of the best tools of its type that we’ve seen. It is comprehensive, reliable and easy to use. We make it our Best Buy.

NNT Change Tracker Generation 7

Verdict: For the change management required for compliance in just about all regulatory requirements, this is a very strong contender.

Allgress Insight Risk Manager

Verdict: Well worth looking at for those with a need for a complete risk management tool.

Tufin Orchestration Suite

Verdict: We would like to see some form of auto discovery beyond what is available currently. Verdict This one is well worth your time, but be sure that you have everything on your enterprise identified so that the Suite can access it and collect data.

Modulo Risk Manager

Verdict: This is a gold standard of GRC systems. It has all of the bells and whistles that you need and just about nothing that you don’t.

LockPath Keylight Platform

Verdict: Solid, hard-core GRC.

Acuity Risk Management STREAM Integrated Risk Manager

Verdict: Solid, versatile risk management tool that can fit organizations of just about any size – from the single consultant to large enterprises.

AlgoSec Security Management Solution

Verdict: This is an excellent tool, especially for mid- to large-sized organizations. It has everything you need and is comfortably manageable. We compare it to a sailboat – even though it’s fairly large and complex, can be sailed effectively by a single person.

Skybox Security Suite

Verdict: This is a first-class product, straightforward to use and very flexible in its functionality.

SC Magazine Best Buy

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager

Verdict: For its clean, bare-bones, well-targeted functionality, extensive reporting and remediation capability at a very low cost of ownership, we make this one our Best Buy this month.


Verdict: If your GRC program is missing the “R,” this tool may be for you. It handles risk as well as any tool we’ve seen – and is better than most. At $25,000, it’s going to appeal to medium to large organizations. We certainly think it will scale nicely for the ...

Tripwire Enterprise

Verdict: Very good product for detecting changes in configuration or files and reporting in a way friendly to regulatory requirements. Closed loop remediation adds to the value.

SC Magazine Lab Approved

AccessData Forensic Toolkit FTK

Verdict: This is a heavyweight general-purpose cyberforensic tool with a lot of features, add-ons and built-in power. It has been SC Lab Approved for the past two years and we continue that for another year. Next year, at the end of its current tenure in the lab, we will present a ...

Cellebrite UFED Analytics Enterprise Platform

Verdict: Cellebrite’s UFED Analytics Enterprise is for larger organizations, but organizations of all sizes can benefit from Workgroup and Desktop versions. If you have a reasonably heavy digital case load – especially if you already are a Cellebrite shop – this is for you. We have made various Cellebrite products ...

SC Magazine Recommended

Guidance Software Encase Endpoint Investigator

Verdict: This is the 800-pound gorilla of over-the-network digital forensic tools. Today – and for the functionality required for the types of investigations for which it is intended – if it doesn’t have it, you probably don’t need it. It’s our Recommended product.

SC Magazine Lab Approved

IntaForensics Lima Forensic Case Management

Verdict: Case management is a task that digital investigators tend to relegate to spreadsheets or whatever notebooks they can find. Something far more rigorous is needed and this is it. Again this year. we make Lima SC Lab Approved. We will be using it over the next year in our research ...

SC Magazine Lab Approved

NIKSUN NetDetectorLive NikOS Everest

Verdict: NetDetector always has been a good series for NIKSUN, but this new version tops everything they’ve done so far – except, perhaps, for the Supreme Eagle (see our First Look review, October 2015). Again this year, we bring the NetDetectorLive into the lab as SC Lab Approved, our highest award. ...

Outlier Security Outlier

Verdict: We liked this one a lot. We’re intrigued by how it has taken forensics to the endpoint and then added next-generation analytics along with lots of conveniences, such as string and binary downloads.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Paraben DS

Verdict: For a simple, well thought-out and executed mobile device forensics tool this one is at the top of the heap. Its capabilities are narrow and very deep. It does one thing – mobile device forensics – and it does that extremely well. We make the Paraben DS our Best Buy.

TSFactory RecordTS Single Server Edition

Verdict: If you are using remote terminal services of any kind in a Microsoft network – and most businesses are – you should take a close look at this (or its larger, beefier, siblings).


Verdict: Solid, simple product that will fit well in large or small enterprises.

Cybereason Detection Response Platform

Verdict: This one is very much worth your consideration.

DeviceLock Endpoint DLP Suite + DeviceLock DLP Discovery

Verdict: This is a very strong solution to endpoint DLP challenges.

X by Invincea

Verdict: This is a very powerful tool and certainly deserves your consideration. Administrators should be trained and understand what is involved with deploying and where caution areas exist.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Verdict: For large enterprises, this really needs to be on your short list of potential products for DLP and endpoint protection. Kaspersky is noted for its anti-malware and this overall system carries that reputation forward.

Quick Heal Technologies Endpoint Security Total with DLP

Verdict: This is a good DLP tool, but is not trivial to deploy. Over the next release we expect a lot of the rough edges to be smoothed out. Excellent support.

SC Magazine Recommended

Symantec Endpoint Protection 14

Verdict: We love this product, even with the support cost wart. There is a misconception among everyone – except security/IT engineers – that they all are geeks and love to spend their time tinkering, writing code and manually configuring. Nothing could be farther from the truth. These folks are so overloaded ...

SC Magazine Best Buy

Webroot SecureAnywhere Business Endpoint Protection with Mobile Protection

Verdict: This has pretty much all one needs in an endpoint protection tool. And, with its attractive pricing and low cost of ownership, we have to make this our Best Buy this month.

Somansa Privacyi SaaS Endpoint DLP

Verdict: Good pure-play DLP with the added advantage of being a SaaS offering (there is an on-premises offering as well, but that is a different product). This is well worth looking at.

Citrix XenMobile

Verdict: First-rate product for mobile application management (MAM), easy on users in a BYOD environment.

IBM MaaS360

Verdict: This is a real powerhouse, but it is not for the faint-hearted. Best for organizations with an IT force experienced in enterprise-level mobile device management.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Sophos Mobile Control

Verdict: For its strong feature set, value for money, ease of use and deployment, we make this our Best Buy.

VMware AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management

Verdict: Strong product with the backing of a venerable player in the IT and security community.

Beyond Trust Retina CS Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Verdict: Solid vulnerability management system, especially at home in large environments.

Core Insight

Verdict: This takes vulnerability management into the next generation and combines vulnerability assessment and pen testing along with attack simulation in a single tool.

Idappcom Traffic IQ Professional

Verdict: Very interesting tool and, for large organizations that need to validate whether their vulnerability and penetration testing tools are doing the job, it’s a must-have.

SC Magazine Best Buy

LOGICnow MAX Risk Intelligence

Verdict: LOGICnow MAX Risk Intelligence is one of the cleverest vulnerability assessment tools we’ve seen. For its straight-to-the-point functionality and its exceptional value for the money we designate this our Best Buy.

Rapid7 Nexpose Ultimate

Verdict: For a large enterprise – really, no matter how large – this product is well worth your consideration. It brings the power of significant functionality with a history of reliability and excellent support options.

SC Magazine Recommended

SAINT Security Suite

Verdict: The SAINT Security Suite is a venerable system that in the past we have called a great work-horse. Now we see it as much more than that so we make it our Recommended product.

Skybox Security Security Suite

Verdict: While we are unsure of the actual performance – since we saw only a canned demo – this looks like a solid enterprise tool. This should not be passed over if you are considering a vulnerability management application. It is slick and very comprehensive.

Tenable Nessus Manager/Cloud

Verdict: This is not expensive and one might want to consider it as a second scanning tool if one already has something else. For smaller organizations, it’s all that is needed. Nessus, the core of this product, probably is the best-known vulnerability scanner in the world.

Tripwire IP360

Verdict: If you are a Tripwire shop, this is a no-brainer. If not, it still can do a lot for you and you might want to take a close look. We advise some detailed discussions with Tripwire as you select, though, to make sure that you will be able to deploy ...

SC Magazine Best Buy

AlienVault Unified Security Management Platform

Verdict: For its powerful, mature feature set, performance and superior value we make this our Best Buy.

CorreLog SIEM Correlation Server

Verdict: Depending on the use to which you intend to put it, this one certainly requires your consideration. There is a full-featured, 30-day downloadable trial and we highly recommend getting it and seeing if the product fits in your environment.

EventTracker Security Center

Verdict: If you are a small-to-medium business this product is a no-brainer. With a strong feature set for a modest price it is an excellent choice. If you are a larger organization, by no means should you discount this one.

SC Magazine Recommended

LogRhythm Security Intelligence Platform May 2016

Verdict: This is a heavy duty tool made for a demanding large environment. It is scalable and complete with the largest list of supported connectors we’ve yet seen. For all of that we make it our Recommended product.

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

Verdict: For its performance, functionality and value, we are pleased to make Intel-McAfee one of our SC Lab Approved products and look forward to having in the SC Lab for a year’s worth of evaluation.

WatchGuard T30W and WatchGuard Dimension

Verdict: If you are an SMB, you really need to give this a close look. At this price you hardly can go wrong as it has a lot of big box functionality.

Bayometric Touch N Go

Verdict: There is nothing like this that we've seen. It's a neat idea, well conceived and executed and, if you are thinking about adding biometrics to your app, this might just be the thing to make your decision for you.

Datablink Device 200 and Mobile 200

Verdict: A unique and user-friendly approach to strong authentication. This fits well in a banking environment and with other Datablink products can provide more universal authentication to such things as networks.

PistolStar PortalGuard

Verdict: If you are looking for a front-end authentication portal that works well in a distributed environment, this one demands your consideration.

Gemalto SafeNet Authentication Service

Verdict: This is a good choice for any size organization, but its benefits will really shine in larger ones. If you are looking for solid strong authentication with a lot of deployment options in a simple to manage package, this has to get your attention.

SecureAuth IdP

Verdict: Easy to set up and well-conceived front-end for all of your assets and locations that require security authentication.

SC Magazine Recommended

Vasco DigiPass 780, DigiPass for Mobile, and Identikey Authentication Server

Verdict: This one is, beyond doubt, a keeper. It is especially well-suited to larger environments and the company's pricing model supports that. For topnotch features, customer service and ease of use, we make Vasco's tool set our Recommended product this month.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Yubico YubiKey 4

Verdict: When it comes to universal, low cost, small second-factor authentication, there really is nothing to complain about. Every organization considering two-factor authentication should have a very close look at YubiKey. For its low cost of ownership, easy customization and rugged good looks we make Yubico YubiKey 4 our Best Buy.

SC Magazine Recommended

BeyondTrust PowerBroker

Verdict: This heir to the original privileged account management tools is solidly worth your consideration. For its traditional BeyondTrust quality and complete integration into the BeyondTrust platform, we make this our Recommended product.

Bomgar Privileged Access Management and Bomgar Vault

Verdict: Good feature set and certainly worth exploring, though price could raise an issue in large environments with lots of distributed administrator endpoints.

CA Technologies Privileged Access Manager

Verdict: CA typically has addressed the larger enterprises well and this is no exception. The price, feature set and assumed integration all are hallmarks of large enterprises. In that environment, worth your consideration.

Centrify Privileged Identity Management

Verdict: As with many similar products, this one can become pricey. However, the value is in the task it accomplishes – and it does that quite well.

CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution

Verdict: If you are looking for a tool for very large environments, look no further. Feature set, customizability and flexibility all combine for a tool suitable in just about any large, complicated enterprise.

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

Verdict: Fine product overall, but don’t forget that a platform and a backend database are required and need to be considered in the lifecycle cost of ownership.

Lieberman Software Enterprise Random Password Manager ERPM

Verdict: This is a bargain for larger organizations – if the functionality is adequate for the needs.

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

Verdict: This is a great price, but if 24/7 support is a must-have for your enterprise, be prepared for additional cost.

NetIQ Privileged Account Manager

Verdict: Nice product, but needs a bit better documentation and support.

Netwrix Auditor

Verdict: Pricing can be a problem, especially over the lifecycle, due to both anticipated and unanticipated changes in AD. As well, the need for a server and a backend database – not supplied – adds to lifecycle costs.

Pleasant Solutions Pleasant Password Server

Verdict: Somewhat specialized functionality but very good at what it does.

Thycotic Secret Server

Verdict: Excellent all-around workhorse with good support and an attractive price. Top that off with good scalability and this a good choice for most environments.

SC Magazine Best Buy

Wallix AdminBastion Suite

Verdict: Lots of bells and whistles for this unique approach to privileged access management. For its unique approach to the entire privileged account management problem, we make Wallix our Best Buy.


Fidelis XPS

illusive networks illusive

LightCyber Magna

Rapid7 UserInsight

TrapX DeceptionGrid

Acuity Risk Management STREAM Integrated Risk Manager

Verdict: If you are a small to medium sized organization, this tool will let you apply GRC to improving your risk posture. For this group, it is well worth the low price of admission.

Agiliance RiskVision

Verdict: The website provides all of the resources you would want. If you want to take a technical, risk-focused approach to GRC, this may be the tool for you.

AlgoSec Security Management Suite

Verdict: There is a place for this in just about any large organization.