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FDA calls on manufacturers, hospitals to better protect medical devices

While scenarios in which network-enabled medical devices, such as pacemakers, are hacked has shown to be possible, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes the real-life risk is growing.

Emerging products: Virtual system security

Don't presume the vShield will protect you. That actually is not the case, says Peter Stephenson.

It's a wicked (internet) world

We need to consider all of the traditional facets of information security when we consider protecting information on the internet.

Computer intrusions of the future may spoil your dinner -- literally

The hacks of the tomorrow may target devices one never thought could be susceptible to compromise, like dishwashers and refrigerators. But a hypothetical glimpse into the future may make you think differently about what's to come.

Firm releases open-source smart meter assessment tool

Two research presentations set to be delivered next week in Las Vegas will shine the spotlight on the vulnerability of smart meters.

Data sharing, standards pose challenges to power grid

Better coordination, actionable information, and risk awareness are needed to protect the country's critical infrastructure, especially the power grid, according a congressional watchdog report.

Oh boy! A new group.

The big news this month is the addition of a new element: a set of reviews on emerging products that you can find exclusively on our website.

HP "fire" bug patched on dozens of printers

HP has quietly delivered a fix for a vulnerability in some of its printers that could be leveraged to steal sensitive documents, gain control of corporate networks, or even set the affected devices on fire.

HP says security flaw is real, but flames are unlikely

Hewlett-Packard has shot down claims that a vulnerability in some of its printers could be used to set the devices on fire.

Hackers steal credit card numbers from cash registers at UC Riverside

Hackers compromised cash registers at campus dining locations at the University of California, Riverside to hijack credit and debit card numbers.

Bug allows HP printers to be remotely hacked, set on fire

HP LaserJet printers do not validate the origin of remote firmware updates before applying them, meaning anyone could potentially reprogram them to access a corporate network -- or even light them on fire.

Black Hat: Insulin pumps can be hacked

A Type 1 diabetic said Thursday that hackers can remotely change his insulin pump to levels that could kill him.

Black Hat: Car unlocked, started via "war texting"

Two researchers demonstrated Wednesday how they were able to send commands via a laptop to unlock the doors of a Subaru Outback and actually start the car.

Certain HP scanners can permit snooping and spying

Certain models of HP combination printer and scanner devices contain a feature that could allow for corporate espionage, according to researchers.

Critical flaws discovered in widely used embedded OS

Two critical vulnerabilities have been discovered in an embedded operating system used in 500 million devices.