It’s that time of year again when we look back at who the Innovators were over the past 12 months.
It’s that time of year again when we look back at who the Innovators were over the past 12 months.


Vendor MetricStream

Flagship product MetricStream GRC Platform and GRC Apps & Solutions

MetricStream App pricing is based on the number of application modules and number of users.

Adding a solid technology to the human aspects of GRC and making the GRC process manageable.
Greatest strength
Involvement with the GRC community, the customer community and the culture that drives them relentlessly toward innovation.

MetricStream is a provider of enterprise-wide governance, risk, compliance (GRC) and quality management applications. The company is innovative because it believes that it needs to be. GRC didn't exist as a regulatory issue when the firm was created. As well, it is not a point problem or a technology problem. GRC requires mindset changes and it requires technology changes to bring GRC to life. That means, according to this Innovator, relentless innovation is required in all forms. The charge is to educate, win hearts and minds, address the issues and meet a host of other challenges. According to MetricStream, unless it is a real problem, it is not worth tackling.

Driving product innovation is owing to about 300 people in cross-disciplines. There is a lot of focus on coming up with products out of left field in addition to traditional approaches. Innovation is part of the DNA of the origination. The culture at this Innovator fosters the attitude of "I can tackle any problem." The team has a scheme that allows funding across all groups for research. That encourages innovation. The big picture for this Innovator includes: help customers drive business from a hybrid cloud availability. The important idea here is “drive business.”

MetricStream never forgets that it is dealing with business risk and so protecting the business is its driving goal. In order to do that this Innovator must make GRC accessible for the customers. It does this in several ways. First is cloud. The MetricStream team see more of their customers moving to their cloud from on-premises deployments. Their cloud offerings have no co-mingled data and that is innovative, as anyone who has used a cloud-based service knows. The philosophy here is: be simple, pervasive and deliver on the hybrid cloud.

This Innovator is addressing five critical aspects of GRC: (1) User experience (redesigned the front end completely with new visualizations – API-driven); (2) Configurability (how to make the operating environment adapt to your needs and be persistent); (3) Mobility (can open on any mobile device); (4) Reporting and analytics (visualization: seeing and understanding your data – how do you understand the data); (5) Architecture (make sure that the technology is relevant and does not use old technology – relevant for customers five years from now).

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