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Report: Understanding millennials critical in filling cyber skills gap

Companies should take notice of what motivates millennials to take advantage of the next generation of cyber talent to fill the employment gap.

Russia pressures Western tech firms for security source code, many will comply

Russia's Federal Security Service (FSB) is demanding the security product source code from top Western tech firms, many will comply.

PanicGuard security app leaked user data, researchers

Wandera researchers spotted an app designed to keep users physically safe was putting users at risk by leaking their information.

Final Fantasy XIV hit with ongoing DDoS attack

Final Fantasy XIV players have been experiencing DDoS attacks from "an anonymous third party" targeting the game's North American data center.

BlackTech cyberespionage group linked to several campaigns

The trail of a spate of cyberespionage campaigns have lead Trend Micro researchers to believe to one group dubbed BlackTech.