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Tesla's AWS servers hijacked by cryptominers

The hijacking of Tesla's Amazon Web Server cloud system by rogue cryptominers is proof that no one is immune to a misconfigured AWS server nor cryptomining attacks.

Apple patches 'Text Bomb' bug that causes system crashes

Apple just released a patch to fix its crash bug that allowed specially crafted messages to disable access iMessages and other messaging apps.

JenkinsMiner targets Jenkins Servers to mine Monero

One of the biggest cryptomining operations ever discovered is targeting Jenkins CI servers.

Two Russian nationals sentenced for data breach that compromised 160M cards

Two Russian Nationals were given U.S. federal prison sentences for their respective roles in a 2013 data breach.

Olympics Malware attack may have been part of larger cyberespionage scheme

Researchers discovered new details in the "Olympic Destroyer" malware which targeted the Winter Olympics in n Pyeongchang, South Korea.