SC Magazine 20/20: Security impacts of virtualization
SC Magazine 20/20: Security impacts of virtualization

SC Magazine is pleased to introduce SC Magazine 20/20, a unique webcast series associated with its 20th Anniversary issue. The free webcast series features a member of the SC Magazine editorial team sitting down with various industry thought leaders to discuss the past, present and future of IT security. Our next webcast in the series:

Security impacts of virtualization

Live Date: Thursday, Dec. 17, 2009
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET/11:00 a.m. PT

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There's no doubt that advances in information technology can impact how data is exchanged - and exposed. Alongside developments such as cloud computing and Web 2.0, the deployment of virtualized machines has increased steadily. However, as companies have looked to harness the power of the virtual infrastructures they've built out - realizing reductions in cost and physical complexity - many fail to appropriately protect them and the data they house. It's true that securing the underlying operating environment and the individual virtual machines is crucial to safeguarding critical data, but this can be difficult to accomplish and manage. Yet, many organizations now are relying on virtualization in some form or another, and dependence on this technology is set to rise in coming years. As we look at where we are now and what the future may hold, we find out just how cybercriminals are taking advantage of these unprotected environments and what practical steps companies can take to protect against these.

Featured speakers
Dan Kaplan,
senior reporter, SC Magazine
Raimund Genes, CTO anti-malware, Trend Micro

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