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SC Media Director’s Cut Videos

Oliver Schuermann , Sr. Director Product Marketing, Juniper Networks – Chats on encryption calling it an interesting challenge as it touches on so many important areas, including privacy with Teri Robinson, SC Media’s Executive Editor.

Bret Settle, President and CEO, Threat X goes into detail on the importance of keeping tabs on secondary and tertiary apps and not just focus on Layer 7 activity, with SC Media’s Executive Editor Teri Robinson.

Jack Mannino, CEO, nVisium automation, talks with SC Media Executive Editor Teri Robinson at RSA Conference 2020 about the opportunity that exists to automate systems, but cautions that this can generate more noise than devops teams can handle.

Matias Katz CEO, Byos Tech discusses the security issues surrounding the use of VPNs with SC Media Executive Editor Teri Robinson at RSA Conference 2020.

Trolley Talk, RSA 2020 edition: SC’s third annual cable car chats

Giving new meaning to the term “Cable News,” SC Media’s Senior Reporter Bradley Barth invited four cyber experts on a round-trip cable car ride from the Market Street/Union Square neighborhood to Phisherman’s – whoops, make that Fisherman’s – Wharf and back. Here’s what they had to say about the latest security news and trends.

Harman CISO: AI-based ‘cyber analysts’ can fix false alarm problem in EDR solutions

Automated and AI-based endpoint, detection and response (EDR) solutions are adept at finding anomalies across your network, but not without a major pain point: Too often, they lack the context to understand when an anomaly is a perfectly acceptable sanctioned event, according to Maurice Stebila, CISO at Harman International Industries, a division of Samsung that…

Cybersecurity staffers needed, no experience required

The industry-wide shortage of trained cybersecurity personnel is not a new story, but Trustwave has begun to take a new approach to find not only trained cybersecurity staffers, but also those with no training or computer skills at all. To develop a pool of new talent, three years ago Trustwave partnered with the Chicago Community…

Trolley Talk, RSA 2019 edition: SC’s second annual cable car chats (video)

SC Media’s Senior Reporter Bradley Barth once again commutes to Fisherman’s Wharf with several top cybersecurity execs and for the first time a pair of undercover wireless research “workmen” come along for the ride. Back by popular demand, SC Media proudly presents its second annual edition of Trolley Talk, a segment where we interview leading cybersecurity experts while riding the…