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SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards – Advocates

Kevin Keeney, Elastic
To fulfill his role as cybersecurity advocate Kevin Keeney has to understand what is going on in the field, both at Elastic and among the company’s customers. Read complete profile

Roger Grimes, Elastic
Roger Grimes is a 30- year computer security professional and prolific author frequently consults with the world’s largest and smallest companies and militaries. Read complete profile

Jennifer Leggio, FlashPoint
A proponent of truth in marketing, Flashpoint Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Leggio has provided a model for how providers of cyber solutions can sell their wares without resorting to fear-mongering or hyperbole. Read complete profile

Richard La Bella, Vitas Healthcare
A 22-year industry veteran, Richard La Bella has used many methods to impart the need for cybersecurity on his fellow workers and clients. Read complete profile

Lyn Campbell, Proofpoint
Lyn Campbell has evangelized a people-centric approach to security across Proofpoint. Read complete profile