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SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards – Threat Seekers

Elisa Costante, Forescout Technologies
Elisa Costante conducts research on critical infrastructure and industrial systems and then applies her findings toward the development of important technology solutions. Complete Profile…

Erez Yalon, Checkmarx
Erez Yalon’s he has put his talents and tools he had previously developed as an independent security researcher to work at Checkmarx to help find vulnerabilities at wide range of websites. Complete Profile….

Alejandro Hernandez, IOActive
A top security consultant who has dedicated himself to improving security for over 15 years, Alejandro Hernández was responsible for uncovering major security flaws in stock trading technologies. Complete Profiles….

Ben Herzberg, Imperva
Under Ben Herzberg’s leadership, Imperva’s threat research team has uncovered key vulnerabilities in Facebook, Google Photos, Drupal and other online services and platforms. Complete Profile….

Ben Seri, Armis Security
Ben Seri’s work in the IoT space specifically around BlueBorne, the first airborne IoT vulnerabilities impacting more than five billion devices globally, and BLEEDINGBIT, chip- level vulnerabilities used in the fabric of internet infrastructure. Complete Profile….