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SC Media Reboot Leadership Awards – Top Managers

Lorelei Chernyshov, Merrick Bank
Driven by impending changes wrought by new regulations such as GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Lorelei Cheryshov has focused on leading the integration of information assets with cybersecurity practices to better manage sensitive data location, accessibility and storage at Merrick Bank. Complete Profile…

Kevin von Keyserling, Keyfactor
Since founding his company in 2004, Kevin von Keyserling has transformed Keyfactor (formerly Certified Security Solutions) from a security consultancy to a digital identity management solutions provider that manages more than 500 million digital certificates for companies around the world. Complete Profile….

Jennifer Steffens, CEO, IOActive
Jennifer Steffens has held the helm of IoActive for the last 11 years and during that period managed the firm while the company’s researchers made impressive vulnerability discoveries in satellite communication systems used on planes, robots, Segways, a Jeep and even healthcare equipment. Complete Profile…

Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount
Bradley J. Wiskirchen has established himself as a leader in protecting digital innovation, including protecting against digital fraud, leading the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) High- Level Advisory Group on Finance and Technology on data ownership, use, access and protection. Complete Profile…..

Emmanuel Benzaquen

Emmanuel Benzaquen, CEO, Checkmarx
Checkmarx CEO Emmanuel Benzaquen led his company through another record fiscal year last year, with more than 60 percent year-over-year revenue growth – fueled by the addition of 400 new large-enterprise customers. Complete Profile..