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eHarmony may have suffered same fate as LinkedIn

Joining LinkedIn, dating website eHarmony said Wednesday that it is investigating the possible theft of its members' passwords.


eHarmony advice site hacked to expose user information

eHarmony has confirmed that a hacker recently gained access to a file containing user information, weeks after another popular dating site was compromised.


Music site joins LinkedIn, eHarmony as victim of password theft is the latest website to announce a data breach in a week where LinkedIn and eHarmony also confirmed their users' passwords were stolen.


Video: Password security

SC Magazine executive editor, Dan Kaplan, sits with James Lyne, director of technology and strategy at Sophos, to discuss password security in today's threat landscape.


News briefs: Anonymous strikes again, Chinese hackers penetrate Morgan Stanley, FTC goes after spam operator and more

Anonymous strikes again, Chinese hackers attack Morgan Stanley, and other news from the past month.


Mobile dating apps lack encryption, leave daters vulnerable

HP scans show dating mobile apps sent out unecrypted information, putting users at risk of simple attacks.


The real impact of the leaked password attacks

Yes, LinkedIn failed to have the proper technology in place to protect its users' passwords, but as we share more information with websites, some of the burden is on the users to safeguard their personal data.


Massive phishing campaign targets hundreds of online dating websites

Attackers are going after online dating accounts in a massive campaign that makes use of a phishing kit featuring hundreds of fraudulent PHP scripts.


Yahoo confirms breach, passwords appear not encrypted

Another password compromise has befallen a major company. This time Yahoo confirmed Thursday that its Contributor Network was raided of the usernames and passcodes of 400,000 members.


Evernote discloses password breach, while critics bemoan its use of crackable crypto

The company advised its 50 million users on Saturday that it "detected and blocked suspicious activity on the Evernote network that appears to have been a coordinated attempt to access secure areas" of its service.


Familiar names funding adware firms

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) pulled the covers off adware's "dirty little secret" this week with the release of its latest report.


Password security can improve, but the hackers will still get in

Considering the endless march of breaches, it may be time to scrap the belief that adequate passwords -- or even passphrases -- can prevent hackers from breaking into corporate environments. Instead, security pros should focus their efforts on gaining visibility into their networks.


Staying out of the headlines

Yahoo presumably took no measures to ensure sensitive stuff like customer account credentials were kept safe and sound.


News briefs: Flame, Stuxnet, breach at LinkedIn and other security news

Flame, Stuxnet, breach at LinkedIn and other security news


LivingSocial updates encryption practices after password breach affects 50m

On Friday, the popular coupon site announced that hackers breached its servers.