Simplifying data security and key management
Simplifying data security and key management

Securing Big Data: Security recommendations for Hadoop and NoSQL environments

Date: Nov. 13
Time: 2:00 p.m. ET / 11:00 a.m. PT

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This webcast examines security for “Big Data” environments, reviewing built-in protections and weaknesses of these systems. Our goal is to educate Big Data users on security problems they face with pragmatic advice on how to secure these environments.

During this webcasts there are two key assumptions made:

• First, Big Data projects are common — almost the norm — within the enterprise. Corporations and government have embraced the technology and pushed vast amounts of data into these clusters.

• Second, most enterprises have implemented little or no security beyond user passwords.

Our examination of different Big Data implementations shows that security features are sparse and aftermarket offerings are not fully tailored to these clusters. The good news is that several critical security concerns can be addressed by a handful of security measures.

Come listen and learn how a reasonable amount of effort can make it considerably more difficult to subvert systems or steal information.

Featured speakers:
Adrian Lane, analyst and CTO, Securosis
Todd Thiemann, senior director of product marketing, Vormetric

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