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Axent NetRecon

NetRecon, developed by Axent Technologies, was the first really non-intrusive network vulnerability scanner.

Another unified security gateway? Not quite.

Unified security gateway is a term we are hearing with increasing frequency. Some products that have traditionally referred to themselves as UTMs – unified threat managers – are changing their stripes. In some cases, this change is justified. In some cases, it’s marketing hype. The Finjan Vital Security Web Appliance does not go quite so far as changing its stripes, but if I ever saw unified security in a gateway appliance, this is it.

Secure Storage Router Pro

On first appearance this router would seem another ho-hum product for sharing an internet connection within a small office/branch office, but looks can be deceiving. There maybe be similar looking devices on the market for a fraction of the price of this product but the amount of features make it a worthwhile consideration.

GateDefender 7100

For some time now, the problem for security professionals has not been “do I need AV protection” but more specifically “which one is best for my corporate needs.” But with so many other danger areas for security administrators to concentrate on, leading to the provision of intrusion detection systems, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls and virtual private networks, to name but a few, it is crucial to make the right decision when they have a large array of other security solutions already running.
Providing all you need for network screening and stability can be a tall order, so whichever anti-virus solution is relied upon – software- or hardware-based, or a mix of both – it has to be dependable, be able to fully integrate with everything else running on the network, and provide 100 per cent system integrity.

Minesweeper CF500

Primarily a content-filtering platform, the Minesweeper CF 500 came with optional extras for intrusion detection and vulnerability assessment. Content filtering comprises URL blocking, anti-virus and anti-spam. Standard features include a firewall with an IPsec VPN and a DHCP server.

Ingrian i215

Ingrian offers a range of appliances that are designed to secure any application that uses secure socket layer (SSL) transactions, while at the same time speeding up the performance. The company has recently added other features, including authentication, authorization, GZIP compression and an interface to external intrusion detection systems.

Toshiba Magnia with Astaro Security Linux

Based on a Toshiba Magnia SG20 solution developer kit, this unit runs a special version of Linux created by Astaro. It includes a firewall, VPN, DHCP server, traffic management and content filter. The latter includes web blocking and anti-spam.
The firewall uses stateful packet inspection and includes proxies for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, DNS, IDENT and SOCKS. It has user authentication and offers protection from the most common forms of DoS attacks. Of course, it provides network address translation. In addition it detects port scanning.

eSafe Appliance

The Aladdin eSafe Appliance is a hardened, Linux-based device, which can be configured as an email inspection tool (SMTP relay) and, additionally, as a full content-filtering gateway for HTTP/FTP. To obtain the full content-filtering gateway functionality you need to use Check Point Firewall-1 configured with a HTTP/FTP security server as a content vectoring protocol (CVP) client.

SonicWALL PRO 330

SonicWALL is well known for its firewalls, but it is now starting to add optional functionality to the range. The model tested came with the extra-cost items of content filtering and anti-virus. Vulnerability assessment is another optional extra, but was not supplied on the review unit.

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