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“Best Buys” in 2012


  • Multifactor authentication (Jan.) : Entrust IdentityGuard

    Verdict:A solid product with a strong pedigree, good pricing and a lot of features.

  • Vulnerability assessment (Feb.) : eEye Digital Security Retina CS

    Verdict:A powerful product with a first-rate pedigree.

  • UTM (March) : eSoft InstaGate 604

    Verdict:For its smorgasbord of features and its ease of use, we make this our Best Buy in March.

  • SIEM (April) : LogRhythm

    Verdict:One terrific product and an equally terrific value.

  • Digital forensic tools (May) : Cellebrite UFED Ultimate

    Verdict:This can be expensive, but is worth the cost when processing large numbers of mobile devices. It’s excellent for field work and is fast and easy to use.

  • Risk & policy management (June) : Modulo Risk Manager v7.6

    Verdict:Truly takes massive amounts of complex data and easily represents it in a single risk score. Covers risk for all aspects – business, IT and physical assessments.

  • Mobile device security (July) : Fixmo SafeZone

    Verdict:A solid approach, especially for BYOD environments where users are fearful of losing their personal data if the IT shop needs to do a remote wipe.

  • Endpoint security (August) : Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8

    Verdict:A feature-rich and strong management platform that is an excellent value for the money.

  • Email/content management (Sept.) : McAfee Email Protection

    Verdict:An absolutely brilliant product.

  • IdM, NAC & DLP (Oct.) : Bradford Networks Network Sentry v6.0

    Verdict:Bradford has hit a home run with this tool. We make this our Best Buy.

  • Application & database security (Nov.) : McAfee Database Activity Monitoring

    Verdict:Slightly weak on the documentation, but overall a very strong product and well worth our Best Buy rating this month.

Here’s a collection of the products that received “Best Buy” seals of approval from the SC Magazine Labs team.