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Five breaches that rocked the retail industry


  • Neiman Marcus

    The upscale retailer disclosed that as a result of malware on its payment systems, up to 1.1 million customer cards may be been compromised. As of late January, 2,400 of the payment cards were used fraudulently as a result of the three-month long security incident.

  • Sally Beauty

    While it first found “no evidence” that a security incident had impacted its customers, following an investigation, the Texas-based beauty supply retailer confirmed that few than 25k records containing card data were illegally accessed by intruders.

  • Smucker's

    The Ohio-based producer of fruit spreads and beverages had to shut down its Online Store following a data breach affecting its customers’ personal financial information. Names, addresses, email addresses, and credit and debit card numbers were among the information stolen.

  • target, data breach


    Malware on the point-of-sale devices at Target stores resulted in thieves stealing 40 million cards, CVV numbers, and encrypted PIN codes. Authorities later discovered a different set of data taken during the breach affecting 70 million individuals.

  • Nordstrom

    A card-skimming operation involving a group of men planting skimming devices on the registers of a Nordstrom store in Florida lasted nearly two months. The keystroke-logging devices implanted by six men were intended to steal customer credit card data.

Breaches taking place at major retailers around the nation have the industry on high-alert. Even the government has asked these chain stores to expect more security incidents involving customer credit cards. Here’s a brief look at some of the top events that have shaken the retail industry.