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  • WinMagic

    Creativity and imagination coupled with the follow-through to bring that creativity to market.

  • Trustwave

    Intuitive organization, strength and depth of technology to support users no matter who they might be.

  • Saint

    Combining vulnerability assessment and penetration testing in a single application.


    The first, serious, real-time network forensics analysis tool.

  • Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D.)

    Treating the mobile device as a computer and protecting it as if it was.

  • M86

    A comprehensive perimeter defense gateway with the ability to work with associated products to protect the internal network from the perimeter.

  • Lighthouse Security Group

    Making IBM “big Iron” capabilities in IAM available to smaller organizations at an affordable price and within their means to support.

  • Juniper Networks

    A total firewall that marries the physical and the virtual to protect everything from the data center to the virtual machine.

  • Insightix

    Solving the “jungle problem.”

  • EyeLock

    Moving from retinal scans to image acquisition allowing high volume identification.

  • EdgeWave

    Comprehensive web filtering for small and medium businesses.

  • Catbird

    In-depth compliance monitoring while providing useful functionality for security in the virtual, especially in cloud environments.

  • AccessData Group

    Vision to see what the forensic tool industry really needs, and developing a holistic suite of products to provide it.

  • Cyberoam - Elitecore Technologies Ltd.

    Developing a UTM product line that covers all customer types, and applying unique technology and business practices to do it.

Every year at this time, we roll up our sleeves and start digging for those companies that have the vision, imagination and creative management to become the leaders in our industry through their innovation. These Innovators are a harbinger of what we can expect from the future. So, hang on… it’s gonna be quite a ride!