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Top 3 law enforcement actions


  • Estonian hacker

    In July, Estonian hacker Aleksandr Suvorov was sentenced to seven years in prison as one of the masterminds behind a Dave & Buster

  • Phishing for cash

    Nichole Michelle Merzi of Oceanside, Calif., was sentenced to more than five years in prison in May, having served as a key figure in Operation Phish Phry, which stole more than $1 million through international phishing scams. The ruling followed the 2009 takedown of the phishing ring, when the FBI charged nearly 100 people with stealing $1.5 million from victims

  • Sabu

    With the cooperation of former Anonymous member Hector Monsegur, aka Sabu, the FBI gained information that led to the arrests of five Anonymous members. One of the most visible figures of the hacktivist group, Monsegur pleaded guilty in 2011 to hacking charges filed after attacks on Sony Pictures, Fox, PBS, InfraGard and HBGary.

Law enforcement cracked down on many cyber criminals this year, but these scenarios ranked above the rest.