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Top 3 weirdest news items of 2013


  • A positive note on ransomware

    A Virginia man, who believed a scam on his computer was legitimate, turned himself in to police and ended up getting stuck with child pornography charges. The 21-year-old was actually a victim of ransomware, which locked up his computer with a faux FBI message claiming he committed an illegal act.

  • Yahoo! dishes out store credit

    Yahoo! shelled out $25 in store credit to a penetration testing firm that alerted it of three XSS flaws that could allow any “” email account to be compromised if a logged-in user clicked a malicious link sent by a saboteur. The reward is only redeemable in Yahoo's company store.

  • Vice president feared terrorist hack on heart

    Former Vice President Dick Cheney revealed that his implanted heart defibrillator's wireless feature was disabled during his term as VP for fear of a terrorist hack. Cheney said that an episode of Homeland, in which a pacemaker is hacked, was an accurate portrayal of something that could happen.

We’re all used to hearing about the typical threats and outcomes, but here are three extremely bizarre news items that stood out to us this year.