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Top 7 threats


  • Flame

    sophisticated espionage weaponry, also known as Skywiper, capable of stealing victims

  • Citadel trojan

    Zeus variant that used scare tactics to scam money out of users, including a child porn ruse to trick victims into believing they'd been contacted by the FBI.

  • Wiper

    Virus capable of destroying files and erasing data, which targeted Iran's oil ministry and is thought to have inspired the malware authors of Shamoon, data-wiping malware that targeted high-profile victims in the Middle East's energy sector.

  • Gauss

    Another Middle Eastern-targeted threat which siphons bank login details and infected at least 2,500 computers primarily in Lebanon.

  • ZitMo variants

    Five newly discovered strains of ZitMo, or “Zeus in the mobile” malware, caused a stir by targeting BlackBerry devices. The malware captured one-time passwords sent by banks via SMS messages to account holders mainly in Europe.

  • Flashback

    Variants of the password-stealing trojan reared its head this year, and by April, some 650,000 Mac computers worldwide had already been infected by the malware. Also capable of hijacking search results and passing on a cocktail of other malware to users, Flashback exploited a Java vulnerability.

  • Mahdi

    Trojan that spread through spear phishing emails in the Middle East and infected at least 800 organizations in an effort to spy on victims through logging keystrokes, recording audio and capturing screenshots.

From Flame and Flashback to Gauss and Wiper, here are a collection of the most malware in 2012.